the jupiter skye shop

Rosecraft is a label brought to life (sorry, because I use this phrase a loooot!) to retail and commission the fashion accessories, hand-made jewellery, paper stationery, phone-wire braiding (okay, this is more of a process), etc. that are conceptualised and created by me. Because I don’t have an Etsy shop set up for easy access (ooh, how I wish to own an antique or quaint shop, ONE DAY), I will be selling some of my art, accessories, crafts, coasters, jewellery, stationery, etc. – here, through the blog for now, that is to say.

To place an order or purchase products, you may write to me at: with a subject line mentioning the name of the product in question. For e.g. SHOP: The Gypsy Necklace. Other than that, you may also leave a comment on the post of the product you wish to purchase etc. with your contact details, etc. 

P.S. Rosecraft was formed because when thinking of names for a label for the things I create, I wanted to use the word ‘craft,’ somewhere… Thought of a couple of names but I don’t think I came up with anything good. Then, I thought, “How about Rosecraft, you know, like Ro’s Craft?” I know it sounds lame but that is exactly how it came to be.



8 thoughts on “the jupiter skye shop

  1. I love ur idea..the oucs u put on instagram..I drool over many small n cute things..details captured so beautifully .. Its a brilliant view of art thru ur lens

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