Dark Places

224 Dark Places

Okay, call it “March Madness” if you will but every March since 2012 has been similar (not odd at all) but yes, very similar when I think about it now! Like every March – it’s refreshing and new, as if I’ve been woken from a weird spell, or it’s about a cleansing jig, and usually involves me taking necessary steps to bring good into my life; especially when it comes to my health (body + mind). Really weird, really cool? Eh. And you know what? I think I like this feeling. I like these Marches. They’re helpful to me. :-)

Also, I thought you should know that it’s okay. Little is enough. Okay is enough. And happy is more than enough! I think we fool ourselves sometimes, and tread on a path that’s not bad/good but sometimes not really necessary, too. Constants are boring. (Says the girl who has been talking about a pattern of Marches.) But yeah! Whatever you’re doing is good, perfect even, lovely… Don’t confuse it with ambition if you are. 

Ah, you’re getting me wrong. I like ambition, it’s nice. Awh heck, I felt ambitious when I began writing this post… I still do. But what I’m saying is that it’s over-rated at times. We put pressure on ourselves and others do, and it worries us so – and it’s just that – you don’t need that, sometimes! We like being heard. Listening is hard, I’ll admit. LOVE is harder! Do what you gotta do. Achievements come in all shapes and sizes. They’re an unconventional bunch. They were meant to not fit with everyone’s ideals of them, or how they’re supposed to be. They strut confidently, they’re aloof… Make them yours. They’re what make you who you are. Reeeeally. This took me a while to believe!

Ooh, by no means am I an expert – no fricking way. Nor am I trying to be poetic about it. That’s the point! I feel beautiful just being. I like the words – believing, creating, dreaming, doing. I’m a little skeptical about AMBITION at the mo., ACHIEVEMENTS too. They don’t scare me but they’re just pretty to look at. (Do you think that they look that way by how I’ve written them?) I don’t know! Sorry, if this post doesn’t help you, by manner of speaking – or simply just sucks donkey balls.

P.S.  The Jupiter Skye Shop will be stocked with some new lovelies by the twelfth! I think I’ll be very excited if you order something, D-UH. Lots of love to every person reading this! You’re you. You’re enough. AMOUR!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Lady in the Water

222 Lady in the Water

Do you know how much good it does your heart; when you’re standing on the shore of a beach and you can feel the dry but soft mica granules under your toes, warming your soles, you’re thinking things and watching the waves crash against each other and hearing the call of the ocean, and in an instant, your feet are graced with a jet of frothy, bubbly, delicious molecules of sea water? ♥ There’s no feeling quite like it! Except if you’re probably reading a book on the sand after a quick swim, letting the rays of the sun warm your bare skin and kiss your hair.

What are these feelings? Describe them, please. So… Like when if you close your eyes for too long, you miss that swish of an aquamarine fin on a glorious tail disappearing under the water – and you don’t know it now. You never do. Nobody ever does… There’s magic. Does stringing together random thoughts of beautiful people and places around us make it poetic? What is this? What are you saying? I thought you would think of a picture. Or a person! Think, now. Everything’s magic. Incoherence of speech is an ailment common among us ocean folk. Breaks us down, and builds us up again. Sandcastles, in reverse…

Scatter your thoughts about… And, begin again. Feel the vibe of the ocean as it calls out to you, as it asks for you to seek its treasures. Look for the little shells, the really tiny, textured surface ones… They’re a creamy colour! What do you think? How many hexadecimal codes of the colour blue is the sky made up of? Have you ever thought of that? Which is the constellation you look for, when you look up in to the inky sky after the sun has set, and the beach is eery, beautiful, calm, and seems like it’s whispering; can you smell that?

Did you do that, ever? Erm, you know… Fill a bottle with a paper scripted with a beautiful thought, and fling it into the ocean? Why haven’t you done that? Actually, I haven’t – either. I will, soon! Did you leave silly messages in the sand? Write someone’s name down? :-) Randomness is good, it makes you feel things… Listen to the call of the ocean. The waters are beckoning you, closer… One step, yes, that’s it. Two steps… Ooh, it’s chilly! Ah, but it feels so nice. There, you set it free… Farewell, dearest.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


The Heart Wants What It Wants

220 The Heart Wants What It Wants

DAAAAMN! :’-) He/she is forever mine; I was so exciiiited to order this! Even felt so good, because I had kept putting it off for the past two years… (Remember?) And of the fact that I ordered it in January, I know I keep saying this but I do LOVE fresh starts. Okay, so I didn’t go all the way… This is probably a good enough version for all the doodlers out there, and will help me most suitably during crazy projects when hardcore drawing is of essence – up until now, I have been dedicatedly using the PEN TOOL on Photoshop, yes, just that – so you can imagine what a task it has been.

Okay, a quick couple of things! This is not a review, because I’ve barely used it (or explored its crannies) to tell you everything you need to know… But I will venture some information for you! I asked a lot of people this past year about drawing tablets/was given good advice/still felt confused/went with my gut on this one, and it seems extremely similar to the one those girls at A Beautiful Mess seem to be using…

This tablet (CTL-671/K0-C) is from the One series by Wacom, cost me exactly Rs. 8,175 – bought it from Flipkart so it reached me within four days of ordering it online, possesses an active drawing area of about 8.5 X 5.3 inches… That’s good enough for me! Very light in weight, and relatively compact in size; I do want to pick up a sweet cover for it to protect its surface. Do you have any recommendations for me?

P.S. As you can tell, my drawing curves are not perfect, I will have to practise soooo much! And the pen feels very simple to use, the surface is sandpaper-ish for a better grip on scribbling, I suppose… Do you have any questions? I should actually be asking if yougaiz have advice/suggestions for me on its use! Would appreciate it. Lots of LOVE! And a very special mention to the STRUT120 girls… They know why!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes