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239 Black Coffee

Well, the origin of this post can be attributed to the Persepolis movie (I watched it, last month), and there was a scene (or two) where these patterned cups make an appearance. They’re simple to draw, but for me, it’s much too exciting because of late, I’ve developed a mild obsession for collecting dainty cups that one may drink their coffee in. (Other than my usual ramblings, I had a crazy but very COOL idea about what I should make the rest of this post about… A few poetic lines on my favourite coffee shops in Bombay, hooray! Ooh, alphabetically haan.)

Café Zoe

I don’t go there often because it’s far from the homeland, and is expensive. But the few times I have been there, I enjoy catching up with folks over coffee (and sometimes, Zoe’s seared chicken legs if I’m really, terribly, achingly hungry. Goooood!)… A great place for people who like their space, even while being on separate tables – the place is like a house. A cool house!


This place will never lose its charm, in my opinion because when I lived in Bandra, Candies used to be our (ex-roommates) favourite and only haunt. The Americano there, too is made just the way I like my black coffee!

Chai Coffi

Discovered this place ages ago, all thanks to Minila (Louisa)… We went there sometime ago, and had a ball chatting and stuffing our faces… I think we should go back, soon!

Costa Coffee

Their double chocolate chip muffins are LOVE! Apart from that, I went there a lot when I used to work at Matunga (and later, Bandra)…

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Ah! I miss the one that used to be at a corner between Manuel Gonsalves Road and Waterfield Road in Bandra… We (ex-roommates) used to go there all the time. Our Central Perk minus Gunther! Also, the coffees were top-notch. (Used to go there between 2008 and 2012.)

Indigo Delicatessen

Though I have gone there before a couple of times just for the food (the one at the Palladium mall), I think it was sometime around last year when I re-discovered it as a coffee shop with Zainab (Badani). There’s a favourite table I usually always sit at, when I go there; and the salmon bagel with cream cheese paired with an Americano (or a single order of their Vietnamese iced coffee) is perfect! Not a bad place to sit by yourself, and a good place for a date.

Le15 – pâtisserie

Erm, so I haven’t actually been here! (The one that opened at Lokhandwala.) But it’s Pooja Dhingra! Who gets the concept of macarons, coffee shops, and Parisian places… I have heard that this outlet serves hot beverages including coffee from Blue Tokai (apart from desserts) and well, is also slightly bigger than the Bandra shop (been here) so you can probably sit down and enjoy your order. CANNOT WAIT TO GO! (Going to get Nina to come with, since she lives so close by.)

Le Pain Quotidien

One of the places I reviewed for burrp! way back in 2011… This is the Le Pain Quotidien at Apollo Bunder (Colaba). Their interiors are very French, spacious, non-intrusive and is another place you can sit by yourself and read, or draw in your journal, whatever. And while it’s always filled with folks, nobody bothers you… I would ideally pick a corner table to people-watch, or go there on a late afternoon to meet a friend for coffee. Ooh, and I love those bowl-like cups they serve coffee in! (Gotta be careful while handling the cups though, but still so much fun.)


Out of all these places, Moshe’s is the one I visit the most. This is irrespective of the area it’s located in, because I love all of the outlets… Minila introduced me to Moshe’s and I can never get enough of their food, desserts or well, coffee. The whole place, really… I can spend hours there going through magazines, drawing in my journal, etc. Their oven-baked pasta and salmon bagels get my top vote. Ooh, and the (baked?) Philadelphia cheesecake is a favourite, too!

Pali Village Cafe

To be honest, I have been here all of just two times. But it’s a lovely place really, to catch up with a close friend or when you’re out with your lover, hahaha!

Starbucks Coffee

Okay, so if it’s not Moshe’s, then Starbucks is where I am at! Call me a hipster or whatever, but I always liked the coffee chain back from my time in the Arabian desert. Apart from that, something about its global branding and presence just always impressed (er, intrigued) me. Ooh, and the siren! (It’s one of my favourite logos.)

The Pantry

Bright, cheery and very cottage-like is what I think of, when I step inside this little restaurant at Kala Ghoda. The food’s about okay-good (their portions are heavy, so you might want to split it with your partner); I really like their espresso which they serve in dainty, dusky blue cups. I told you so!

The Table

THIS PLACE IS EXPENSIVE. (I do think it’s nice to go there on an occasion though, or when you feel treating yourself… Delicious meals, minimalist interiors and good coffee!)

The Yoga House

This is one place I go to faithfully whenever I am in the area (Bandra); it’s a serene place to read a book, meditate while looking at the sunlight streaming in through muslin curtains, et cetera and basically drink your coffee in peace. (Their raw chocolate mousse is goooood!)

P.S. There might be a few shops that I am missing, or yet to discover but for now, these will have to do. Also, this post was very impromptu… I would like to, at some point, shoot posts at some of these places – Coffee places, ooh! ♥


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Programmed to Instagram

108 Programmed to Instagram

In the past one year that I have come to know and love (the thrills of) Instagram, I have to say that I still am totally smitten by the app. Easily the most used app on my Android phone, the only reason I ever miss not carrying my phone around is that I can’t take a picture – that SUCKS (that, and if my battery is ever low)! Okay, I’ll save the-thrills-(and-perils)-of-Instagram ramble for later; for now, you can see what I’ve been up to since New Year’s.

1. Sometime ago,  in January, I passed by my old apartment in Bandra (the first one I ever lived in with four of my best friends), Silvan Shades, so I had to get a picture of the sign board.

2. I bought this necklace about two years ago from the fake Accessorize guy in Bandra, and I only just started wearing it a few months ago. It’s a new old favourite and I have been trying to team it up with everything I own (as is seen here with a striped blouse and a denim shirt).

3. Hooray! I received the cutest invitation in January (I’ll show you better pictures later) from this new home décor e-store called The Home Label (brought to life by Sussanne Roshan who carefully curates all of the beautiful wares that are sold on the website) to attend a sweet little gathering at 15 Raitan. It was a charming evening, and I met a lot of interesting and like-minded folks including the girls who work there, Aarohi of Art by Aarohi, the Khamsa girl – Subha Ray, and of course, my sweet friend, Ms. Magali Vaz (we only ever talked to each other on Twitter and Instagram before). :-)

4. I just tried something funky with my old pink shoelaces and my sister’s purple Converse sneakers. You like?

5. I’ll treasure this journal for a lot of reasons: I love collecting and writing in different diaries, this one is designed by Frankie Magazine, it’s very pretty to look at and the inside pages are even more darling, and the book is complete with water-colour illustrations on every page and paper stickers et cetera, and finally because Magali very sweetly chose to give it to me (THANK YOU!). And I only heard about Frankie Magazine from her – you guys should check out their other journal designs and grab a copy of any of their magazine issues if you can, I’m sure you’ll like them if you like cute graphics and stationery stuff.

6. I found this very awesome illustration in a tiny book on dating and relationships at Crossword but I didn’t buy a copy; however, I did manage to steal a few pictures of the graphics I liked when the sales clerks weren’t looking. It was illustration inspiration for me!

7. My deputy editor, Jahnabee brought us these very adorable tea-light holders back from her trip to Maldives in late January this year.

8. I can tell you honestly that I am no fan of green tea ice cream! Bleh. My friend, Sholeen likes it better; anyway, to cut a long story short, they serve this dessert at Kofuku (a Japanese restaurant in Bandra) – I LOVE the sushi (I think they’re called the crispy spider rolls – well, one of the sushi platters) there. I’ve been craving sushi for a whole month now. :-(

9. Skulls… Ah, my favourite art installation work at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this year in February. Insanely cool. The artwork reminded me so much of a Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, that I hope to attend and be a part of, one day (Insha’Allah). :-)

10. I just wanted to take a picture of Ashwita’s pretty embroidered purse at The Yoga House on my birthday!

11. Yeah! I finally managed to grab a copy of the Ghost Stories issue of Motherland magazine before all the printed copies ran out. Their magazines are sold on Flipkart and at Loose Ends in Bandra.

12. The first Vellvette box I ordered, and this was one of the three products (that I received) that I really liked a lot – it was an aloe vera and mint based face and body balm.

13. NORAH JONES CONCERT! Enough said, it was one of the best evenings ever this summer (thanks Minila!).

14. I found a tiny shop near my house that sells very old copies of all of my favourite authors (especially the books I used to read as a teenager) – wahoo!

15. The Yoga House in Bandra is one of the best places in Bombay to enjoy some well-deserved alone time; if you like quaint and peaceful places, you’ll enjoy sitting here by yourself because you can feel the good energy bouncing off its walls and the positive vibes the place radiates.

16. I was lucky that my good friend, Sohini (she blogs at Strictly Beautiful), asked me if I wanted to attend the 2013 edition of the India Fashion Forum in Bombay this year because I got to hear Neena Haridas (Marie Claire) and Priya Tanna (Vogue) speak on fashion journalism (past + present + future) at one of the discussions. Extremely insightful!

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