How are you doing?

Ever since getting back to writing and publishing posts on this blog again, I have a newfound enthusiasm to keep up, continue putting up posts as often as I can. I had a bunch of ideas for Christmas – not all of them saw the light of day (you know this); I was keen to put up a post in the first week of January but fell sick (I am better), some unexpected news came my way and well, there has been a bunch going on in my personal life… But, hey, I am here, now.

This post is just one of those where I muse over the near future and nurse wild hope that I can make things work, this year. I am determined to work extra hard and give everything all I have (one life, they say); take up an interesting full-time job (the focus is to make money but I would like for my weekends to be stress-free and so); continue drawing and pursue even more personal and professional projects (as I have in 2017) etc. (There is a whole list.) The Search for Everything – if I may, friends (thank you, John Mayer)… I wish you love and luck on your journey too. Thank you for your support through mine (silent or otherwise); your comments and compliments fill me with encouragement and a quiet determination to do more (with my craft). For this, I am eternally grateful.

P.S. Kevin, you are sorely missed and will be – forever more; you are loved more than you could have ever fathomed. I know that you are in a better place, now, but I do wish you were still here. Thank you for the memories, and rest in peace, brother. (Should you pray and/or be a believer in the divine forces out there, could you please spare a thought for Kevin and his family, tonight? Their hearts are in need of healing; and their souls – to be soothed.)


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes



251 High by the Beach

“Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

(This is what has been said on the Pantone website.) Never before have I felt a more powerful pull to the colours of the year! I have always been interested in knowing what the colours of the year are (ever since 2012), but this year feels special. I feel like they are connected to me in a very overall way, this year. The colours speak to me! A cool wave of tranquility washes over me… Cleansing my soul completely. I am warm, I am cool, I am tinted, I am hued, I am flawed, I am perfect. I am well!

  1. This is a collection of items that seemed to reflect my thoughts – at least, I think so! I chose them for their colouring and vibe. Also, my mermaid socks from Forever 21 (Rs. 89), and the Ruchi Opal Pendant from Accessorize (Rs. 343.50) make an appearance, here.
  2. I am very excited to begin reading The Love Letter and Other Stories by Buddhadeva Bose; I have only read one of his other books which I enjoyed immensely so yeah, I picked this one up on a whim. (The book isn’t being sold like this, I just liked how it looked without its jacket on.)
  3. I don’t remember how this little plastic, Barbie-like mermaid came into my possession, but I am not complaining. I like her!
  4. And the watercolour postcard? :-) Sonaksha posted this one across to me, and I love it so much. (Yes, it is from the same series that I was talking about earlier.)

P.S. I think it is very, very important to remember that you are the only person who can make you whole again. I was lost for a very long time, sinking slowly into a dreary depression, etc. and so I might be able to relate to someone else feeling similarly. It would be crazy town to tell you my life is idyllic RN, but it certainly is not so bad either. I have been forgetting about the little things (maybe you have, too?) – and now, I really want to devote my efforts, energy, love, money and time to create more – and, experiences.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

Soothe Operator

Soothe Operator, Badger, Badger Balms, Feel Unique

Okay, who here hasn’t heard of the health and wellness brand Badger at all? A show of hands, please! Right. Well, I only just learned of the brand pretty recently myself from none other Magali, hehe! (She’s my go-to source, of late, for everything make-up and skin care related… she knows so much more than I do.) The last time we met, she told me about Badger Balm – she bought two tins, one was a cuticle product and the other, a sleep balm (totally my kind of thing)!

Shortly after, one thing to led to another and before I knew it, I saved several bookmarks containing links to the Badger Balm products I’d like to buy (and try) on the Feel Unique website (again, Magali deserves the credit for linking me!) and I placed an order for both the Sleep Balm and Tension Soother by Badger (my sleeping pattern is totally erratic + I am a certified worrywart). My package arrived in 22 days (the tins were safe and sound) and I couldn’t be any happier.

Let’s get to business? First up, packaging! I often like to judge the books I buy by their covers, and the principle somewhat applies to my make-up and skin care buying habits as well. Packaging matters, you know? The Badger Balm tins make me go weak in the knees (see pic). I love that they’re sold in portable little tins, for starters, and the cover and base illustrations are so basic and colourful – at the same time.

As you can see in the pictures, the balm in each tin is an ochre yellow and quite thick (it’s made out of beeswax primarily, so nothing out of the ordinary there). It’s also very aromatic at first sniff, d-uh! While I like the Sleep Balm a bit more because it’s lavender-based, I’ve yet to experience a proper calming sensation (maybe I’m expecting an extreme version of that sleeping-after-a-spa-massage kinda feeling!) because my sleep pattern is still a little cray-cray. The Tension Soother smells pleasant as well, the spearmint and tangerine give the balm a very sweet and cheerful scent (can you smell happy too?). I like the fact that both products work well to soothe my senses more so after a hot bath or at a time when my mind is in turmoil mode. You don’t require a huge amount to use each time, the balm is sticky-thick enough (and quite fragrant). A Badger Balm definitely seems like the better buy when you compare it to 10 ml of a certain scented something to help you sleep better at night, huh? (Remember when I gushed about those Forest Essentials sprays?!)

You: “Okay, okay, would you please shut up already! How much did you buy these for?”

Feel Unique was running a discount at the time, and I bought the Sleep Balm (56 g) for £6.64 and Tension Soother (28 g) for £5.69. That worked up to £12.33 which when converted, cost me Rs. 1,284.47 + 256 for customs. To be honest, I didn’t think I spent that very much for these balms when you think about the quantity and quality etc., they’re priced decently. Of course, skipping the conversion rates + if I’d bought the products straight from a store abroad, I’m sure my pocket would feel lighter.

Fast-forward to the most important question – Will I buy more Badger products again? Yes, but not right away… I mean, I am eyeing the Yoga & Meditation Balm because of its frankincense factor but for now, I think my Badger Balm lust has been satiated. However, if you’re asking about Feel Unique – I probably will get a few other things from the many other beauty and skin care brands they retail, sometime sooner. What? Don’t ask.

{ Rating – 8 / 10 }

P.S. When it comes to shopping online (internationally), I will admit that you need a stroke of luck because the shipping process + custom charges etc. are cause enough to make you wary. This was my first time ordering online from an e-store based abroad (and from Feel Unique) – I’m happy that I didn’t have much to complain about. My stuff was in mint condition, and nothing got lost during the delivery process. Phew!


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes