Ta-da, here it is!

Don’t know if I have said this on the blog before, but I love The Body Shop – it is one of the few bath and beauty brands I buy from, constantly. Perhaps not as often as I used to; stuff’s expensive, and it’s harder still, when your sources of income aren’t guaranteed or stable – no more. – Every once in a while, when I do visit the store – it is because I want to restock on a product or two, etc. Anyway, I chanced upon this particular fragrance, last year at the outlet which is at the domestic airport and haven’t looked back, since.

Light, lovely and summery as this fragrance is – I knew nothing about it when I picked it up. – At the time I bought it, I was on my way to a friend’s wedding in Goa, and hadn’t carried any perfume. (Chunky bottles are difficult to cart around and/or pack, and I prefer not to because what if the bottle breaks?) So I stopped by The Body Shop to get an inexpensive bottle of ‘body mist’ or perfume. As it were, I decided against getting the Shea fragrance (I had tried it before, it isn’t the greatest) – Vanilla would’ve been too sweet (though I usually like the smell of vanilla) and then, my eyes fell on the little Moringa bottle and I was, like, “Hey, let’s get this.”

The funny thing is I didn’t quite bother taking a great, big sniff or even spritz it on and let the fragrance envelope me – well, enough to linger, etc. as I usually would’ve done. Yeah, okay, it’s just a small bottle of EDT but still! That was a first for me. (It wasn’t totally cheap, anyway.) And well, as soon as my holiday began and I sprayed it almost everyday, I was slowly realising that I bought something good. It turned out to be really mellow. All the things I said before, and then some (faintly floral, also; I was worried Moringa would smell like jasmine but as it turns out, I know zilch about flowers!). Mildly-fresh and pleasant, it is unlike any other fragrance I have ever had or liked (so I think). The bottle is travel-friendly; if you’re the type that flutters from fragrance to fragrance, the quantity is just about right, too.

What I don’t dig is the price for the quantity being sold (Rs. 895 for 30 ml is not cheap); I think it is Rs. 925, now? (On a sultry day, you might have to give yourself a spritz every couple of hours.) From then to now, I have only used two bottles of the stuff (toldja, been watching my finances). If my income was stable, I’d be buying this pretty often, it’s handy to have on you.

{ Rating – 7.8 / 10 }


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes



246 Under the Seaweed

Okay, so I bought a tub of the Ionic Clay Mask (100 ml) from the Seaweed range at The Body Shop a couple of months ago… (February or March?) There are a few reasons as to why I bought it: a) I have used the Deep Cleansing Facial Wash from the same range, before; b) I thought it might be a good addition to my beauty closet, since I normally do not like to get (any) facial treatments done outside – this seemed like a legit product to have at home, and use every once in a while. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, for starters, it was a splurge (Rs. 1,295)!

On the tub, the labelling says that it is meant for combination/oily skin, and that is true… After washing the clay mask off, from when I used it for the first time – my skin felt excessively dry, and sort of wrinkly around the forehead area. Some of the skin even began peeling! (I got worried, and ranted about it on my Twitter feed at the time, uh-huh.) But here is some background, and a pro tip! My skin is oily for sure, and even so – this product dries you out like nothing else. And #2, you must tone and moisturise, after! I also read a few other reviews online, to see if anyone else felt similarly after using this clay mask, and surprise, surprise – there were a few.

Well, that was that, and because I paid so much for this product, and it is The Body Shop after all – I did feel brave enough to start using the product again, after a few weeks. This time, I made sure to use a thinner layer (it is imperative that you do) when applying the clay mask on, and moisturise after. The results were better! (There was no distinct peeling, etc.) And if we are to talk of the present, I have used the product about 4-5 times in total – so now seemed like the time for a review. Because my thoughts however, have been so mixed since I began using this clay mask, here is how I will break it down.

These are the things about the Ionic Clay Mask that you should know if you are considering picking up a tub of the stuff:

  • Remember to space out its usage, once you begin using it. (The label mentions that you can use this mask up to twice, weekly – the answer is no – you probably should not. Once in every two months is fine, and after a bit – you can even start to use it once a month, but definitely NOT every week or twice in a week… Gee, creators at The Body Shop – y’all should know better!)
  • Always tone, and moisturise after. Like I said, I did not know how true this statement would come to be had I not begun using this mask. (Also, use the mask a couple of days before an important meeting or date, whatever, just so that you give your skin time to breathe and deal with the after effects, etc.)

Okay, now it is time to tell you about what I like about this product:

  • About 2-4 weeks after I had used it for the very first time, I noticed that my skin looked nice – in terms of, some of the rando pimples I had had dried out, and the skin that had peeled off grew back sort of healthier.
  • There is a lot of product left in the tub I own, and I think 100 ml could last you a while. (Two years, maybe?)

{ Rating – 6.4 / 10 }

P.S. I have rated this product for exactly what it does – that it draws out impurities, and clarifies the skin. It is one of those products I could have done without, TBH. (I do not think that it could be called a cult product!) At the same time, it’s not as bad a product as I thought before; though on the other hand – it is one I might not consciously buy again.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

The Cocoa Butter Solution

240 The Cocoa Butter SolutionOkay, so it has been a while! To be fair, there was this, and oh, this. But were you keeping track? Maybe not. (THIS IS A PRODUCT REVIEW!) ♥ Getting into the heart of matter, I knew of Palmer’s but never felt a need to buy anything from them before. (Besides I haven’t seen their products, here.) So when I received a full-sized product of their Skin Therapy Oil (60 ml) in the beauty box sent over from ELLE (India) a few months ago, I was exciiiiited! This body oil is from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula (with Vitamin E) range, and it is one of those “Holy Grail” products known to take care of scars, stretch marks, dry or damaged skin, an uneven skin tone and aging skin.

Started using the body oil a few weeks ago (not regularly) but I love how it smells and feels on my skin, especially on the elbows and knees. There are times when I add a few drops of it to my bath water, too! It’s a product I want to save for the colder months because it would work even better, then. The shorter review? Yes, it is non-greasy, in fact, a coin-sized amount can cover both of your hands, including the elbows; and it smells delicious (cocoa butter, after all) in a non-overpowering way. It’s kind of like a dry, moisturizing body oil!

This body oil is good to slather on your legs when wearing skirts with/without stockings outside during winter; better protection, when you are exposed to the harsh cold. I would prefer applying it on exposed skin when I go out, because I do not know if it stains clothes! Ooh and, it isn’t sticky like some mousse-esque body butters can be; the price of a 60 ml bottle varies from website to website, Rs. 480 and/or Rs. 840, et cetera, et cetera.

{ Rating – 8 / 10 }

P.S. I was lucky enough to be sent this box of goodies because I was one of first 300 folks to register on the ELLE Beauty Week 2015 website! Registering entitles you to avail of discounts when it comes to booking appointments at select salons or receive the word on cool make-up classes to attend, etc. (during a certain period); and of course, if you register early then you also receive boxes like I did! Apart from the body oil, there was a felt-tip eyeliner and bottle of nail polish from Maybelline along with a Calvin Klein perfume sample, a dainty bottle of Moroccanoil potion, a tiny tube of a Za face cleanser, and a bar of Soulflower soap in the Sexy Strawberry fragrance.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

Little Miss Sunshine

229 Little Miss Sunshine

AARGH, it’s that time of the year again! The weather outside is enough to toast you to a fine crisp (okay, perhaps to a slightly melty, moist version?)… ACK. I haven’t been going out too much but this week demands that I do so I’m dreading the sultry weather. Which kind of made me think, Mama’s got to get herself a bottle of face mist, yep!

Do you have any recommendations? Not very fond of the smell of rose water so other scents ought to do. (I am thinking of checking out the two that The Body Shop has, and see whatever Forest Essentials has, too. Just hope they aren’t too crazy on the expensive scale? Do you use face mists? What do you think? Greed or need… Purge or splurge… With that, I bequeath you with this illustration. I think it’s cute but it looks like a can of paint, innit? Oh bother.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes