272 Interpreter of Maladies

A bezoar is a shrivelled kidney-like stone that can be used to save a witch or wizard from poison, according to Pottermore – Professor Severus Snape told us this much in the very first Potions lesson in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Why am I randomly telling you about bezoars?

Good question.

Well, for one, I think we all know what’s tomorrow (and yes, I’m celebrating)! I also drew this last year, as part of personal illustrative series I worked for my Tumblr blog etc. But it’s not just that. Bezoars are on my mind, because I have been thinking a lot about the magic and mysticism of odd objects, and how a belief in them can bring us much comfort and joy. And in this case, particularly, a bezoar can also be the antidote within your body that reveals itself when potent poisons threaten to shut down the system.

Sometimes, with some intervention from the forces above – I gain a better perspective on things that maybe have been going downhill, or that have had an adverse effect on me. That being said, we also must actively seek solutions on our own (we’ve got to take that first step), however, whilst not always trying to take care of every little thing going wrong in our lives. – I am making plans to talk to a professional/therapist about my life’s happenings, gain some insights and you know, take it from there, but, but I’ll say that there is nothing like feeling fixed in a mere moment. A good thing having happened out of the blue, either by your doing or external forces; it’s so much more encouraging/inspiring when that comes from within…

Your own antidote, your bezoar.

As it is the eve of Harry and his creator’s birthday, let us now pause and think about our own Dementors and manifestations of Lord Voldemort. We must remember this: “Light is lovely, light is luminous.” Darkness is a temptress, wanton and winsome but wicked and willful. We must practise our Patronus charms, and always be armed.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Advanced Potion-Making

165 Advanced Potion-Making

This is my fourth post in the #LearnToDraw series, and the first one of this year, so… I’m pretty pumped to hear what you think of it! It’s a bit odd, I know, but while thinking of what I should have illustrated for you guys, next – Harry Potter just randomly popped into my head (in fact, I’m thinking of re-reading the series yet again, and yes, that quickly!) and so did a few of my favourite Potions chapters from my Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince copy.

Fast-forwarding through my usual complicated phrasing to the point… I think we could all do with a few drops of a certain Elixir to Induce Euphoria potion, mais non? I’m very sad that Christmas is over, so is my extended (and mini-) break (thank you, broken ankle, I promise to take better care of the NEW you, now!)… and I will be going to work, starting tomorrow!

Though I am very excited to begin work at a new place (technically, I already have because I’ve been working from home since November), I am a little scared to travel by the trains because of my recently healed leg! Travelling will be a task, and I sincerely hope that I don’t injure myself again. Blah-oo.

Okay, I’m still mostly excited though. So… That should be good. Say a little prayer for me, won’t you? Oh wait, I’ll just whip up a little vial of my favourite sunshine-yellow potion!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes