¡Hola, mis amigos! (I don’t always greet y’all, maybe I should? I just get into the thick and thin of it and that’s kinda rude, innit? I mean, I care because you’re reading which is really sweet because it’s me, and you know, you’re still here – you guys make up a handful, and you make me happy.)

Because I was so incognito back then, you would’ve missed this – this year, I created/made up themes for every couple of months in the year (I divided my year into four parts, and not quarters). Each period was to tell a story by way of the content I would be covering and sharing on my blog etc. Except you know that it didn’t work out that way, I wasn’t actively working on any material; the ideas, of course, piled on and on and you know what went down. Nothing!

SO. What the illustration for this post is meant to be is an introduction to the story I wished to tell during the months of May, June and July called…

The Song of the Seamstress

As one could tell, the drawings are inspired by Mexico (a country I have never been to – but am really keen on visiting, soon) – the colours and clothing; some desert cactuses; the marigolds and roses; the ofrendas and sugar skulls etc.  The Song of the Seamstress also drew colourful and cultural inspirations from: cameo pendants; dulce de leche; floral embroidery; Frida Kahlo; la combinación de naranja y rosa; Lisbon (I really like this city; it’s colourful and so very warm – it makes me think of Cuba, Goa and Mexico, all at once!); Mother Mary; Pablo Neruda; ruffled clothing; the Día de los Muertos festival; Ugly Betty etc.

P.S. (Would you get a better idea if you saw this? It forms the display picture and cover photo for when I did publish this theme on Facebook and Twitter etc.) – This might be continued in the posts that are to come but it’s also December and so, I will be covering some other *fun* material (I haz ideas)! We’ll see.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Welcome to Skull Island

Skull Island, Day of the Dead, Welcome to Skull Island, Sugar Skulls, Mexico

Seeing as I wasn’t up to speed with “my posting,” and I didn’t come up with a timely Halloween post, I did figure that it wasn’t especially late to write a piece inspired by the colourful Mexican holiday, Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) that ended two days ago on November 2 (It commences on October 31 every year!). And by inspired, I mean that I’m very much in love with the colours and traditions! Putting together this post also gave me a suitable outlet to rave about my love for all things macabre (ooh, and skulls!). Through my collage, I hope to fill your head with a few snippets of information and pictures of this one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the dead.

A confession? I, for one, didn’t know all that much about the Mexican holiday (I know a little now); I’m intrigued by the sugar skulls and rituals, and all that fantastic artwork involved. After combing through a few blogs, mostly Alix Cherry’s (she covers the festival with some amount of artistic perspective and depth), and Wikipedia, I found some interesting tidbits. And Mictecacihuatl, or the Lady of the Dead, is my most exciting discovery (see picture)! In terms of fashion and style, since you expect an angle, they’re very much on trend. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I’m sure you have too! Personally, I’ve always like wearing skull accessories and clothes with such prints – probably since the time I was a gawky teenager.

P  I C T U R E  –  T I M E !

1. Alexander McQueen-esque skull print scarf, Accessorize – Rs. 749.50

Early this year, I found this gorgeous fluorescent pink hued scarf at one of the Accessorize outlets in town for half the price! It was just one of those thrilling purchases, and I was sold the moment I spotted the sugar skull print.

2. Alix Cherry of The Cherry Blossom Girl poses in a Day of the Dead get-up… I just love the way her mind works, and she seems to be as carried away by macabre and morbid things as I am. Besides, her blog is one of my favourites to read – it’s as dreamy and whimsical as it seems to an outsider. // Picture courtesy: Alix Cherry

3. This is a representational picture of the Day of the Dead festival that I found off the interwebz. // Picture courtesy: Wikipedia

4. Pictured here are an assortment of painted sugar skulls or “calaveras”, sitting pretty in a little shop in Mexico City. // Picture courtesy: Alix Cherry

5. Way back in February of this year, I remember being fascinated by all the Day of the Dead artworks and installations at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (in Bombay). This was one of my favourite subjects (and works) there!

6. Bones Print Tee, Zara – Rs. 590

I remember both Mia (my best friend) and me squealing when we saw a rack of these adorably bone-printed tees at Zara a couple of months ago, we each bought one! Mia’s boyfriend (who was with us at the time), A.J, just didn’t understand our excitement then, LOL!

7. Sugar Skull Necklace, Promod – Rs. 950

Last year, I found this colourful necklace at Promod. I like it and everything, but it definitely wasn’t the best buy, I suppose! I was just really drawn to the teal skull then. (We’re all a little stupid, sometimes!)

Oh, btw, sugar skulls have been added to my list of “must-draw” objects! ^.^


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes (Unless specified otherwise.)