O Christmas Tea { GIVEAWAY }

211 O Christmas Tea { GIVEAWAY }

Giveaway#4 is LIVE! Remember I had said that I wanted to host one more giveaway before the year ended… Well, it didn’t honestly seem likely or possible. Abandoned hope of sorts, and then a cheerful connoisseur of trunks of tea in the form of Snigdha Manchanda came a-knockin’! Christmas miracle, y’all. Okay, chitter-chatter aside – I am very excited to be giving away this box of tea. Part of a Limited Edition range by Tea Trunk; Mulled Spiced Tea combines the classic flavours of Christmas (That would be cinnamon, star anise and clove, accented by hearty apple, orange and cherry notes… Teas really are a lot like fragrances!), and sports a package coat designed by none other than (one of my favourite illustrators of all time… ) ALICIA SOUZA! Wowza.

Reminiscent of a rich, indulgent plum cake, I could not think of a better giveaway for this time of the year. This tea is inspired by mulled wine, and is made with whole leaf black Assam tea. Snigdha suggests drinking it as is, or adding in a splash of dark rum (Don’t mind if I do!)… Would it not be lovely sipping it as you sit by an open window at home on Christmas day, and while some of your folks are sleeping, you are happily reading a copy of Little Women (Okay, I am too excited!)… And now, the steps.

What’s in the Box?

1. Christmas tea! The BOX of Mulled Spiced Tea is what you are going to win, oh sweet reader. I believe it would be perfect for all of you tea drinkers out there, more so if you love Christmas just as much as I do. 

2. Favourite feature? Snigdha was gracious enough to sponsor this box of tea for the giveaway; and, also, the illustrations created by Alicia are reason enough for me. (They are so adohreebal!)


The rules are simple! (This giveaway is for Indian residents, only.)

1. Comment here on what excites you about/why you would like to win this delightful tin of tea.
2. Follow Tea Trunk on both Facebook & Instagram; this is not optional either. :-)

(Brownie points will be awarded to you if you are to ‘Like’ my page on Facebook, and/or follow me on Instagram.)

What happens after?

I’ll choose ONE winner in exactly four days, from now – save the date – December 14 is when this contest comes to a close! As soon as I announce the winner – which will either be on my Facebook or Instagram page (and through an e-mail, perhaps) – please write back to me with your postal address and phone number right away. (Will share the contact details with Snigdha who will directly post the tin of tea across to you, then.)

The “Fourth Year of Festivities” remains yours for the taking! Giveaway-gift-makin’.

{ Tea Trunk is a tea label founded by Snigdha Manchanda, a certified Tea Sommelier; she specialises in creating hand-blended teas. She can perhaps create a blend for you if you request for one, I would want a birthday tea complete with colourful sprinkles, if ever… Would that not be exciting? The packaging is so adorable, that the tins can be used as memento boxes for use, after consumption of the tea. I still have mine from last year! }


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, illustrations by Alicia Souza and picture by Mitwa A. V


The Shop Around the Corner

175 The Shop Around the Corner

Books really make the best companions… And book shops, well, don’t even get me started on them! They’re my favourite places to be… from when I was in the kingdom – Jarir Bookstore was my all-time favourite, and after having come here – I’ve found that Crossword and Landmark (boy, do I miss the underground store at Phoenix Mills!) are quite special. Of course, I love those old, quaint book shops too – you know, the ones with the huge stacks of Tinkle, and Mills & Boon, and that have a lot of favourite pieces of literature from your yesteryears… Okay, so coming to the point! I’ve been in Bombay for about ten years now, and I’ve discovered Kitab Khana very, very recently (because of this girl I follow on Instagramwhimsybookworm) – and now, because of her sister (let me introduce her – she’s kookycookie) – I finally found the hub of many a book lovers in the city! STRAND BOOK STALL.

It’s a quaint little shop alright, and took a bit to find but I asked 4-5 folks who pointed me in the right direction. I must have gotten there about twenty minutes before closing time (eep, I was LUCKY!) – and picked up four books. (I judge the books I buy by their covers.) This one’s really pretty – The Golden Honeycomb by Kamala Markandaya (Rs. 479), and the little snippet at the back was very interesting. I’ll share a mini-review on Instagram when I’m done, if you would like? Now, I’m going to get back to my new baby (I haven’t been this excited about a new book in VERY long!). I don’t know if I should say this? Eh, what the hell! Books? Books > Boys. Way better!

P.S. I’ve yet to check out the one in Bandra – Title Waves. Do you know it? And have you been there, what do you think of it? I forgot to say, when I order books online – Flipkart is my go-to place for NEW books available at sooper prices.


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes