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Can we take a moment to be thankful for everything? Can we smile a bit more? Can we be happier for those around us? Can we let go? Can we forgive each other? Can we just be and bask in the awesomeness of life? Can we fall in love more with life? Can we ask for help when needed? Can we be nicer to people? Can we say something nice? Can we sit by the sea and read a book in solitude? Can we give a bit more? Can we loosen our hold on material things? Can we flake away false promises? Can we eat healthier? Can we be wiser? Can we thank people when they close and open a door for you to walk through? Can we smile kindly at the old lady who used her crutch to signal and help you find a rickshaw? Can we buy flowers for our mothers every week? Can we be happy for our friends who saw a beautiful city that we get to see through their eyes? Can we put out more positive vibes out there? Can we admit our failings and seek professional help? Can we ask a best friend for guidance? Can we ask an ex-friend, boyfriend, lover, partner etc. for guidance on a random subject? Can we just call them because we feel the urge to? Can we be sillier? Can we laugh about it, later? Can we live alone, and independently? Can we unflinchingly give away a chunk of money to someone who might need it more? Can we do more? Can we save the world? Can we please be more thankful? Can we not be as fucked up as we usually pretend to be? Can we please give credit where it’s due? Can we love honestly and unabashedly? Can we cringe less at flaws? Can we like what we see in the mirror? Can we not curse when someone treads on our toes? Can we say goodbye, in person, in finality? Can we be more appreciative? Can we cook, clean and look after ourselves?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Time is Galleons

180 Time is Galleons

Wise words from a very wise, wise old wizard. Do you remember? I think I really like writing such posts. You know, the kind where I dish out deep life advice – like I know better – BUT et cetera, et cetera. And this time, I feel like I owe it to you – to write about this hot mess (Literally, not in the cool way this phrase has come to dispel what it means.)… that is Jupiter Skye. And connect with you in a way that boils down to the ultimate – Why do you blog? If you thought, Because I like to. You’re on the right track! Not that you need me to tell you that. Buh-ut…

We read several posts on a daily basis, I come across so many similar writings on all the blogs I like reading… Like this striking piece that I found on Carrie Jackson’s blog, Jennypurr. (Pearl tweeted about it a few days ago!) Or this post on my friend Eddy’s blog, Egeedee (she is one of the coolest folks I know, and I love the way she writes about things) that felt like a beautiful wake-up call… That it’s okay to write about whatever you want, provided that you are passionate about it. Okay, well, I did know that!

Slowly and steadily, I’ve been discovering that through each and every post I write: What I like to write about & what I don’t, the community I’ve found here (the NICE-est), that it’s okay if not everyone’s reading so as long as I’m building a somewhat glittery sandcastle here… I know a lot of us who started writing their blogs as a way of expressing what they couldn’t otherwise, in person. For me, it’s also a way of discovering what I’m good at – and what I’m okay with sharing with folks. (There was a time when I had a not-so-secret personal blog – Don’t go hunting for it now! – and I ranted sooo much on it. Puerile stuff, of course. But I don’t know, I guess it helped. I can’t read some of what I wrote now because it was really dumb.)

This blog is different. I started it on a whim, I feel like I’ve said that before but then it was to gain an all-access pass to write for Vogue. It was My Holy Grail then (only now I’ve discovered that it’s Grazia that truly speaks to me). I religiously subscribed to + treasured (and still do) every issue that came out, imitated layouts, tried to shoot #OOTD posts (yes, I do regularly stalk Style Drive; Aayushi’s pictures well are Aayushi’s. They’re hers!) – it’s no secret that I wanted this to be a place where I could talk freely and endlessly about art, colour, D.I.Y and fashions that enamoured me. But all of that wasn’t me. Not the way I wanted to write about it back then – and I couldn’t because I do love fashion, just v. differently. I’m still discovering who’s who – don’t ask me about designers – I know nothing. Not all that much. It’s the colours and patterns that speak to me, the people and stories… The Oddities. That’s me!

Okay. So that’s the deal with this blog. Thanks for sticking around. And if you have a blog, and you’re reading this – I’m sorry if this sounded a little too self-absorbed but I would hope that it helped you relate, in a way. Fashion, food, fakes & forms… Write about it/them the way you please. There’s no rule book! And that, my friends is the beauty of having your very own personal space, i.e. Le Blog. (There’s someone who told me to conjure up Jupiter – I hadn’t even thought of creating this kind of a space until he mentioned it… Thank you, SAGAN. Not Carl. Y-o-u.)

P.S. This is Harry Potter reference # 3! Were you counting, too?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Hey, Soul Sister

Rumi, Quotes, Soul, Inspiration

Look, I’ve been thinking… and it’s important that you step out of your current frame of mind every once in a while, and reflect on your life and the many choices you’ve made (D-UH moment? No, nooo, listen!). It helps immensely! But like I ad-libbed earlier, you don’t need me to specifically tell you that because you already know. Even so, here I am, dropping some “maj” pearls of wisdom for you to think about… !

(As usual, none of these are in any specific order. I’m writing them down in a fashion as random as the way they popped into my head!)

1. Reality check, my friends! { W E E K L Y }

Let’s be honest – We hate ’em, but we need ’em! The way to do it would be to talk to yourself if you’re one of those (I am!), or get one of your best friends to do the needful. You know, think about the week that went by – the little bits and pieces you worked on, were successful at, didn’t so well at, and/or the new things you attempted. Essentially, it’s a “How was your week?” kind of thing but it’s got to be on to a deeper level. And don’t hold back, when you’re having one of those sessions. Afterward, make a list of goals for the next week and try your gutsiest best to stick to them! (I resolved to write two posts a week this October, so far, so okay! I’m cheating a little, but I’m getting the posts done.)

2. Shut up, and listen. { D A I L Y }

Tell yourself this, every single day, if you can. Especially when it involves your career or some other aspect that involves your future. I’m not saying that you always have to go by what people tell you, but you’ve got to listen to the folks who have “been there, done that,” at least. Whether their ways are/were right or wrong, they still are steps ahead of you. It never hurts to hear someone out (except if that someone is crooning Friday by Rebecca Black, yeesh!), and then apply their advice however you might like to. Now that I am in my late twenties, I will admit that I’m grateful to the people who advised me then because I applied this principle with all of my ex-bosses/mentors (truly, deeply – best advice ever!). Sooo… suck it up and listen, it will make you a better person than you already are.

3. Take all of that “self-sabotage”, and dump it in a self-destructing trash can. { D A I L Y }

Erm, I plead guilty! I don’t know about you guys but I find myself constantly sabotaging myself on an everyday basis (it’s not pretty, and I’m working on it!) –  I even know, for a fact, that some of my best friends do it too. Well, I will say this – it really is the worst thing you can do to yourself. I could fill a book – Nay, blog – with all the many instances in the past where I’ve missed out on opportunities because I was too freaked out to call back, or had trouble making a new and really great friend because I was worrying how and if they’d judge me for being myself. (Yes, let’s nod to all of us being idiots! Nooo! Self-sabotage! Have I taught you nothing?!) The classic symptom of this “super, super sucky syndrome” involves one over-thinking potential possibilities of anything to such a great extent, thereby killing the chance completely before it even grows the wings to fly. Point # 2, as a nasty bunch of “self-sabotagers”, we tend to stick together! Dispelling a bitter truth here… I’m sorry but you must let go of the weak links, especially the people that bring you down, chances of escaping such friends are very rare but you have to try. It’s okay if you’re friends with someone on a similar level of S.S, because you two can help each other out, then. But the super sad, whiny ones? Stay away from those.

4. C is for Cleanse. { B I W E E K L Y }

Cleanses. – They will save your soul! – Whether it’s a good ol’ system cleanse (morning yoga + organic eats), ridding your inbox out of all the gazillions of unread e-mails, giving away clothes that are two sizes smaller than your fit (and those that you never, ever wear/wore!), or a process that involves you getting rid of a bunch of tangible nothings – scraps of old letters you’re never going to read again, the occasional memento from an ex-BF (best friend, boyfriend, whomever!) you’re not friends with, anymore (that stuff’s gots to go, sistah!), you gotta do it. I’ve even heard that there is an S.M cleanse (it involves cutting yourself off from all of your social media channels for two weeks or more) – I’m happy to report I’ve tried this cleanse more than a couple of times, with ah-mazing results afterward. 

Relax. Reflect. Repeat.

P.S. Let me know your thoughts, will you? Even if not, I do hope that this very odd post helped because so many of us go through these things everyday (maybe even together), and wallow in the doldrums for all of eternity! All I’m saying is, I feel you.

[ D I S C L A I M E R: I know that I’m no Tina Fey (and I don’t usually write such lengthy posts regarding self-help on the Skye) but trust me, though this post might reiterate all the things you’ve heard before from various sources, it helps to listen + reevaluate. After all, we’re in our twenties. You will get stuck in a rut once, twice, thrice and all over again, but you shouldn’t give up or begin to not care two hoots about it. Sometimes, bidding a boring job farewell, or thinking of a new business might be tempting… go ahead, do it but it involves plenty of good work, and needs your patience and time. In the past, I’ve left things unfinished – sometimes I still do – over the years, I feel that I’ve learned better from my mistakes. ]


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Crossroads, Adele, Macklemore, Chasing Pavements, Can't Hold Us

There won’t ever be a time in your life when you won’t feel like you’re at life’s crossroads – at the point of no return… I mean, unless it is the day you stop trying or the day you die (I gotta testify, heh)! And this is how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks. Truth be told, I’m happy to be feeling this way. Because for a long time now, I’ve been free, I have had the time to dream, illustrate, paint, read, write and so much more (even to do nothing, at all). I was at my beck and call, and I’ve loved every moment of it! But freedom is short-lived, it makes you content and lazy and you know, I’m not ready for the mountains yet, man. I like a crazy life, I live for its colour… I’ve always liked to juggle my time between varied interests! I’ve done it in the past with some success (suck, c’est?), more or less. Yeah, I think I’m ready to do it all over again. Juggle a writing job, illustrating on the side, having fun and all that blogging-in-between. Can I do it? Yes. I believe so.  And dreams aren’t always free, are they? They come with a price. Sacrifice? Haha! Look at me, waxing all pep talk-ery. 

If it helps, in some odd way, I’ve always been someone who likes very many things at a go, who would pick one passion and then conquer the rest that followed as they came and went. The truth is, you don’t have to pursue just one passion (e.g. I can’t ever choose between writing and illustrating). Like soul-mates, you will never have just one. Okay, I’ll shut up, but only if you promise to always listen to your heart! ^.^

P.S. Wouldn’t a mash-up of Adele’s Chasing Pavements and Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us be ah-maaaahze-ing? If only the writers of the Glee show (Season 4 is sooo good, btw) made up one-eighth of the very few readers I have!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes