Pineapple Express

232 Pineapple Express

For some reason, patterns and prints – of the very tropical fruit, pineapple – are following me around and well, I thought it would be cool to use it as inspiration for a post in my #LearnToDraw series, hehe. Oh, and the fruit sporting Wayfarers isn’t entirely an idea that is mine – I borrowed it from the way one of the stylists at Grazia (India), Vinita Makhija styled a pineapple similarly in this month’s issue (Page 110) for a product series called Beach, Please – check it out, it’s quite colourful. Cute, mais non? Now, I’m looking for pineapple prints all over town! Pineapples on cool, summer fabrics or in the form of brooch pins (completely gold, not enamelled)… Ah, crap, just what I need! More things that I want to buy, and shit. See you soon?

P.S. I’ll sip on my imaginary piña colada, till then but if you click on this sentence, it will transfer your gaze safely to a very floral, summery post on my friend Edlyn’s blog – Egeedee (also, EGD); OH, UNRELATED… BUT I WANT TO GO TO GOA! Goooooah, I miss you so bad. :’-(


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


The Heart Wants What It Wants

220 The Heart Wants What It Wants

DAAAAMN! :’-) He/she is forever mine; I was so exciiiited to order this! Even felt so good, because I had kept putting it off for the past two years… (Remember?) And of the fact that I ordered it in January, I know I keep saying this but I do LOVE fresh starts. Okay, so I didn’t go all the way… This is probably a good enough version for all the doodlers out there, and will help me most suitably during crazy projects when hardcore drawing is of essence – up until now, I have been dedicatedly using the PEN TOOL on Photoshop, yes, just that – so you can imagine what a task it has been.

Okay, a quick couple of things! This is not a review, because I’ve barely used it (or explored its crannies) to tell you everything you need to know… But I will venture some information for you! I asked a lot of people this past year about drawing tablets/was given good advice/still felt confused/went with my gut on this one, and it seems extremely similar to the one those girls at A Beautiful Mess seem to be using…

This tablet (CTL-671/K0-C) is from the One series by Wacom, cost me exactly Rs. 8,175 – bought it from Flipkart so it reached me within four days of ordering it online, possesses an active drawing area of about 8.5 X 5.3 inches… That’s good enough for me! Very light in weight, and relatively compact in size; I do want to pick up a sweet cover for it to protect its surface. Do you have any recommendations for me?

P.S. As you can tell, my drawing curves are not perfect, I will have to practise soooo much! And the pen feels very simple to use, the surface is sandpaper-ish for a better grip on scribbling, I suppose… Do you have any questions? I should actually be asking if yougaiz have advice/suggestions for me on its use! Would appreciate it. Lots of LOVE! And a very special mention to the STRUT120 girls… They know why!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


218 Cake

Weddings, weddings… They’re the flavour of the season! ;-) Don’t know if this cake is a traditional version, but I think not. I rather like it, it’s Belgian chocolate (that means it’s dark, no? – because I like it bittersweet) and French vanilla; and there are hues of salmon pink in the background of this illustration to offset the cake beautifully. (I am only rambling!) Congratulations to all those of you who are getting married, have already gotten married, celebrating anniversaries or setting dates, etc.-etc. I wish you love, light, magic and sweetness; and make sure you are marrying an equal, a friend, one who will LOVE and TREAT you right… (Whom you will want to do the same for, D-UH!) ♥

Okay, so Sugar is playing in the background right now, by Maroon 5; I LOVE THAT TRACK! The video is even better. Toodles friends, I’m off to watch Cake now. I’ve been watching a lot of movies this past week, and now I’m catching up on all the nominated ones. Oh, and hey – I’ll be uploading some things on my Tumblr shop, soon – so please follow me over there? (Click, click, click, click.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Snow and Behold

207 Snow and Behold

Christmas is coming, and of course, there’s nothing more I feel excited about! Okay, well, a couple of other things but I can’t write about everything here, now can I? Also, have I begun an older Christmas post here, similarly? Can’t honestly know or say, for sure… GOD, BRAIN. (Cheery brain makes me insane.)

A favourite new drawing of mine (Do I sound like the most self-conceited and -taught illustrator you know? Don’t wanna hear it.) – for obv. reasons, and this one came out looking fairly just as I had imagined in my head. (High five, BRAIN!) The snowman is from an older post in the #LearnToDraw series – HERE – so you can learn to draw that, too. Okay so, come on, isn’t this one just the easiest? Let me know if you do make one of your own, and I have a surprise of my own to share. (Very silly, and it’s more of something for you to benefit from – I hope you will keep reading my posts so you find out soon enough!)

P.S. Do you know any cool Christmas movies I should download for the season? (Unrelated but I am eagerly awaiting the worldwide release of the Into the Woods movie. The one with Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, yep!) Or books to read? There’s a challenge I have got to live up to. What do you like most about Christmas? Do you want one more Christmas themed artwork in this series (for December)? Talk more, later. Lots of love!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes