Prints of Persia

235 Prints of Persia

There’s something to be said of colourful, enchanting patterns… The intricate ones filled with careful details; you know, Arabesque roses, calligraphic swirls, decadent domes, minaret motifs, paisley patterns etc. For me, all of those details speak of design – and that’s what captures my fancy first. Colours, patterns (ooh, Sabyasachi Mukherjee)… I think I’ve said this, before. However, here, I am talking more of the kind that remind you of mehendi patterns or Mughal architecture, something that’s very Persian (magic carpets, anyone?) and/or such, and more specifically… Woodblock printing. (This is not an essay, do not fret!)

For a long time, I’ve been following Honestly WTF (Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny are just so good with recreating fashion in an affordable manner through all of their D.I.Y projects, most of which focus on boxes, clothing, jewellery and such) and recently, been hooked on to this one post (of theirs) on woodblock printing (pretty self-explanatory). The outcome was so pretty (and that yummy pink) that I can’t wait to experiment with the technique on well, cotton fabrics and brown paper. Will be so cool! 

To be fair, I have tried two other of their D.I.Y projects with complete success (a braided hex nut bracelet, and quite a few bow-tie pins); and so I really hope to find some cheaper wooden stamps here in Bombay because I totally suck at bargaining, haggling, whatever… It’s like I want to go to maybe Jaipur or Rajasthan for a vacay, and pick up a box of these babies. ♥

P.S. There’s a related feature on this kind of print palooza coming up, soon! Will be talking about a very, very cool label that focuses on woodblock printing. Okay, don’t let me spill everything… You’ll find out when you find out, okay? FAREWELL, BRO.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, and pictures by Erica Chan Coffman