Advanced Potion-Making

165 Advanced Potion-Making

This is my fourth post in the #LearnToDraw series, and the first one of this year, so… I’m pretty pumped to hear what you think of it! It’s a bit odd, I know, but while thinking of what I should have illustrated for you guys, next – Harry Potter just randomly popped into my head (in fact, I’m thinking of re-reading the series yet again, and yes, that quickly!) and so did a few of my favourite Potions chapters from my Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince copy.

Fast-forwarding through my usual complicated phrasing to the point… I think we could all do with a few drops of a certain Elixir to Induce Euphoria potion, mais non? I’m very sad that Christmas is over, so is my extended (and mini-) break (thank you, broken ankle, I promise to take better care of the NEW you, now!)… and I will be going to work, starting tomorrow!

Though I am very excited to begin work at a new place (technically, I already have because I’ve been working from home since November), I am a little scared to travel by the trains because of my recently healed leg! Travelling will be a task, and I sincerely hope that I don’t injure myself again. Blah-oo.

Okay, I’m still mostly excited though. So… That should be good. Say a little prayer for me, won’t you? Oh wait, I’ll just whip up a little vial of my favourite sunshine-yellow potion!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes