201 Pumpkinhead

Of course you don’t remember the last time I created one of these! (It was er, ages ago. And if you do remember, wow, OMG, you rock.) It wasn’t that I terminated the series just that I couldn’t think anymore, and find fun ones to do but it’s back, and what do you think? Huh. Huh? UH-HUH. Uh-huh? Suppose the brown paper bag could look a little cuter, eh? Well, 4 points to me for trying. Enough, let me know in the comments below? And lest you steal this piece of mine, I’ll come and haunt you, you nasty little (what rhymes with mine?) SWINE! Turn you into a toad, and wish you ill-a-load. Okay. Bye! Happy Halloween.

P.S. I found out – Nay, remembered – that when I was in the fifth or seventh grade, I had a habit of drawing out food and desserts (creamy bottles of milk, cherry cake etc.) as written about in Enid Blyton books! Yep, and when I looked at the drawings, they are so similar to what I make now. Can I say that I wanted to be an artist/creator/doodler/illustrator ever since I was little? For when I get interviewed, you know. I can, okay? Okay, I will. Sorry, I like to ramble.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes



196 Oktoberfest

Oh, I am just thrilled that October is here! It’s one of my favourite months, and I am going to make sure I make good on all of the promises to myself and well, to others. But self-improvement is of essence so the rest comes later. How are you today? I hope well. I’ve gotten my groove back (when it comes to this planet), and I have just read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (cannot wait enough for the MOVIE) – not sure why I had to share that in the same breath. Wahoo! Okay, also, there should be a few reviews coming up covering: The Body Shop, Kronokare, possibly a What’s in My Bag? post and maybe one of those Currently Coveting ones. – Nothing’s sponsored! I just told you, just got my groove back y’all. (Please don’t steal this artwork, and post it as yours? But share it if you would like, and send over some credit where it’s due. I love you! I told you, October is one of my favourite-st months. Farewell, friends.)

P.S. Another good book that deserves an infinite round of applause is Habibi by Craig Thompson; just the cure for depressed illustrators, I would say? Read it, okay? I will be fabric shopping, soon. Got any good leads (Bombay)? I so wish I lived in Delhi. Or London, for that matter. Send me magical vibes, yougaiz!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Welcome to Skull Island

Skull Island, Day of the Dead, Welcome to Skull Island, Sugar Skulls, Mexico

Seeing as I wasn’t up to speed with “my posting,” and I didn’t come up with a timely Halloween post, I did figure that it wasn’t especially late to write a piece inspired by the colourful Mexican holiday, Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) that ended two days ago on November 2 (It commences on October 31 every year!). And by inspired, I mean that I’m very much in love with the colours and traditions! Putting together this post also gave me a suitable outlet to rave about my love for all things macabre (ooh, and skulls!). Through my collage, I hope to fill your head with a few snippets of information and pictures of this one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the dead.

A confession? I, for one, didn’t know all that much about the Mexican holiday (I know a little now); I’m intrigued by the sugar skulls and rituals, and all that fantastic artwork involved. After combing through a few blogs, mostly Alix Cherry’s (she covers the festival with some amount of artistic perspective and depth), and Wikipedia, I found some interesting tidbits. And Mictecacihuatl, or the Lady of the Dead, is my most exciting discovery (see picture)! In terms of fashion and style, since you expect an angle, they’re very much on trend. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I’m sure you have too! Personally, I’ve always like wearing skull accessories and clothes with such prints – probably since the time I was a gawky teenager.

P  I C T U R E  –  T I M E !

1. Alexander McQueen-esque skull print scarf, Accessorize – Rs. 749.50

Early this year, I found this gorgeous fluorescent pink hued scarf at one of the Accessorize outlets in town for half the price! It was just one of those thrilling purchases, and I was sold the moment I spotted the sugar skull print.

2. Alix Cherry of The Cherry Blossom Girl poses in a Day of the Dead get-up… I just love the way her mind works, and she seems to be as carried away by macabre and morbid things as I am. Besides, her blog is one of my favourites to read – it’s as dreamy and whimsical as it seems to an outsider. // Picture courtesy: Alix Cherry

3. This is a representational picture of the Day of the Dead festival that I found off the interwebz. // Picture courtesy: Wikipedia

4. Pictured here are an assortment of painted sugar skulls or “calaveras”, sitting pretty in a little shop in Mexico City. // Picture courtesy: Alix Cherry

5. Way back in February of this year, I remember being fascinated by all the Day of the Dead artworks and installations at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (in Bombay). This was one of my favourite subjects (and works) there!

6. Bones Print Tee, Zara – Rs. 590

I remember both Mia (my best friend) and me squealing when we saw a rack of these adorably bone-printed tees at Zara a couple of months ago, we each bought one! Mia’s boyfriend (who was with us at the time), A.J, just didn’t understand our excitement then, LOL!

7. Sugar Skull Necklace, Promod – Rs. 950

Last year, I found this colourful necklace at Promod. I like it and everything, but it definitely wasn’t the best buy, I suppose! I was just really drawn to the teal skull then. (We’re all a little stupid, sometimes!)

Oh, btw, sugar skulls have been added to my list of “must-draw” objects! ^.^


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes (Unless specified otherwise.)

Ode to October

Jupiter Skye, Roanna Fernandes, Ode to October, October 2013, October, Love

Look, I love to romanticise people and things okay? Er, I mean, like the fact that I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting excited about a favourite month coming along (even though it comes every year!). You already know that February tops my list but October is a special month as well. Plenty of kooky reasons, but I like ’em. Let’s raise our hats to a happy October? Yes? Yes! Okay. 

“Lavender-scented baths. Birthdays. Candied apples. Halloween. Witches. Red lipstick! Orange. Nutmeg. Pumpkins. Jack-o’-lanterns! Librans. Mysteries. Witchcraft. Voodoo. Scooby-Doo! Sweater dresses. Americano. Cardigans. Best friends. Moroccan lanterns. Drops of Jupiter. Boxy blazers. Starbucks. The Darker Half. Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. Apple pie. Bubble baths. Romances. Books. Love potion. Costumes. Wool. Legends. Coffee dates. Gloves. The Forbidden Game. Writing. Espresso. Autumn. Charcoal pencils. Trench coats. Pink ribbons. Dressing up. Moonlight. Shea shower cream. Cinnamon. Creepy stories. Holding hands. Graveyards. Conversations. Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. Black. Letters from strangers. Ruby Woo. Think of You by MS MR (RAC Remix). Frankincense. Sleep Balm. Music. Wolves. Scents. Celebrations. Scarves. Caramel toffee. Warm breezes. Scented candles. Pumpkin spice. Guys. Oh, October!”

P.S If you’re interested in my work and are thinking of a collaboration or project, please write to me and direct your queries. Just please DO NOT BRAND, LABEL, STEAL or USE my work as your own. It would thoroughly anger and disappoint me, to say the least. Translation: Pilfer my stuff, and you could die.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes