Pineapple Express

232 Pineapple Express

For some reason, patterns and prints – of the very tropical fruit, pineapple – are following me around and well, I thought it would be cool to use it as inspiration for a post in my #LearnToDraw series, hehe. Oh, and the fruit sporting Wayfarers isn’t entirely an idea that is mine – I borrowed it from the way one of the stylists at Grazia (India), Vinita Makhija styled a pineapple similarly in this month’s issue (Page 110) for a product series called Beach, Please – check it out, it’s quite colourful. Cute, mais non? Now, I’m looking for pineapple prints all over town! Pineapples on cool, summer fabrics or in the form of brooch pins (completely gold, not enamelled)… Ah, crap, just what I need! More things that I want to buy, and shit. See you soon?

P.S. I’ll sip on my imaginary piña colada, till then but if you click on this sentence, it will transfer your gaze safely to a very floral, summery post on my friend Edlyn’s blog – Egeedee (also, EGD); OH, UNRELATED… BUT I WANT TO GO TO GOA! Goooooah, I miss you so bad. :’-(


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Magazine May-hem

114 Magazine May-hem

I don’t know about you but at the start of every month, there’s something I look forward to, immensely. Picking up the latest issues of my favourite fashion magazines! For the past year and a half, I have been diligently reading Grazia (the Indian edition) every month. Ever since late 2011 (it was the Freida Pinto issue that first struck my fancy), they have been gaining steady ground as a friendly voice of fashion and I find that as a magazine, they strike the right balance between trendy and affordable, cheap and chic, fashion houses and street shops, style icons and real, regular people.

The rest – Marie Claire, Vogue, In Style, ELLE et cetera – I keep browsing through and reading in between. Though I don’t follow all the latest trends, you’ll still find me neck-deep in stacks of glossy paper at any given time. And I can never think of discarding the magazines I buy (I already have one very full carton). I mean, so much inspiration + colours, and they’re perfect lift-me-ups for when the going gets tough. But I’ll ask you this: do you have just ONE favourite source when it comes to the fashion gloss-pel?

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