255 Drops of Jupiter - Part Deux

Hello, hello.

(This post concludes the two-part mini-series, if you were keeping up.)

What did Jupiter Skye do for you?

(Erm, more like what Jupiter Skye made me do!) What it did do was give me an outlet to express myself creatively. When I started the blog in 2010, I was working my first job; being employed helped the growth of Jupiter Skye for various reasons. I had an income (funding impromptu explorations around the city and shopping trips, providing fodder for the blog, etc.); and I drew inspiration for the posts from my friends at work, or from the conversations we had. Jupiter Skye did not help me land writing jobs; but I did learn about creating editorials, photographing products, styling mood-boards etc.

To sum up (er, ROSS), the blog has constantly helped me tap into my potential and recognise my core strengths. (This product as a whole serves as a wonderful portfolio of – and testimony to – all my learnings from then to now.) That is not to say that the path has been remotely easy, nor does it mean I have achieved the highest levels of success. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no! Writing was something I got into, after college; it was never given a lot of thought. The jobs that I have held so far helped hone my writing skills; especially my first (which ended, July 2011) and second (which began, August 2011) jobs. (The editor at my first job would silently nod his head, if he were reading this – as in about me not being a good writer before, he wanted me to give it up altogether and pursue something artistic instead.)

The illustrating bit happened randomly; I always liked arts and crafts, and drawing, making greeting cards etc. from when I was a little girl, I just never pursued art or illustrating as a subject in college because I didn’t know I could – and was guided otherwise. Through my experiments with the blog, especially with regards to the artwork and layouts – the posts got me some recognition, I learned how to channel my artistic skills in a digital manner. Folks began to notice, and appreciate my work; though I had zero experience in the field, the blog got me most of the illustration projects I have worked on, till date.

What kind of space is this, now?

Well, it still really is the same space, also somewhat different. (There is some progression, I would like to believe – from being random to developing a better structure, content-wise.) As of now, I would like the core focus of this blog to be formed around: BOOKS, FRAGRANCES, HOMES, JEWELLERY, LOVE. These are subjects I like best (and most), and while they are fairly specific and somewhat huge as areas of interest, they possess minute details of all the other related things I like.

What are your intentions, now?

(They are subject to change.) I never did any pre-planning of sorts before I went ahead and started off with this blog, so I think it’s wise to not have too many intentions now. I do have intentions, a lot of them good – but with the kind of personality I have (being lazy in general, and also how long I want to do this versus shutting it down completely etc.) – let’s just say that I don’t want to make any false promises (or have unrealistic goals).

Some of my short-term goals are:

1. To make this blog more user-friendly by way of developing a better layout, and so that folks may find what they are looking for, easily;

2. Create professional landing pages (the ones describing what I do, and how to get in touch with me for collaborations and commissions, giveaways and greetings, and such);

3. Sell accessories (jewellery, brooch-pins etc.) and stationery (greeting cards, stickers etc.) through The Jupiter Skye Shop – I really suck at marketing my wares, and definitely need to figure this bit out;

4. And oh, of course, create more interesting content (it is what I do, after all).

What do you do, how do you balance what you do with the blog?

I am a features writer (because that is what I do for the most part, professionally), and a part-time illustrator (you know about this). Currently, I do not work anywhere on a full-time basis; I do undertake freelance and part-time projects involving writing and/or illustrating. With regards to striking a balance, it is not too bad RN – never mind the other bit of me being lazy AF and choosing to publish only two or four posts a month. I never left any of my jobs to pursue this blog on a full-time level; I have not made any money off of it yet (I would like to), and none of my jobs posed a conflict of interests with what I was doing here and what I was doing at work.

Irrespective of whether you are working or not – it is nice to have a sound ecosystem around you. There is so much that you can learn about yourself, and from the people around you on a daily basis… Everything that will either inspire or suck the energy out of you (you do not want the latter). (This has an effect, especially when you have a personal blog on the side, too.) I understand this better because I’ve had my share of depressing, personal situations and/or crappy jobs, gone through it all again; the circle never ends.

During such times (or after), try to float out of your body for a few seconds when you feel saner and see how best to remedy it. What do you like? What do you really want? What has changed? What won’t? As long as you are learning, you grow; do not work at a conventional job if you do not want to – find something else that keeps you grounded, and uh, busy. (It’s the keyword, here! Pharrell Williams should have picked the title of his track, and er, lyrics better, heh.) Working hard is rewarding in itself, leading you to better times; it gets easier over time, to separate what you want from what you don’t, the realisation of which can be gained only by experience.

P.S. Racile (my youngest sister) thinks this drawing might was deceptive. I do not have very long hair, nor I do not possess a boho blouse like this, etc. Like, uh, I did mean for this girl to resemble me but I drew it because I was unsure of what the artwork for this post should be. Okay, I will do better in my acts to follow; but this was not so bad, now was it?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


The Beach

227 The Beach

As one might be able to tell (Do you mean the one reader who reads your posts?), I have been in a very beachie, carefree mood lately… More so, when it comes to make-up! (Ref.: Cheek to Cheek.) And ooh, well, it has been getting incredibly sultry, too. The sweet summer air, delightfully toasty as it might be, is causing me to avoid going outside and reside blissfully in the comfort of my air-conditioned room. Apart from that rather lovely picture, I wouldn’t mind actually retreating to the beaches of Goa, and taking temporary residence there. Better to make use of the sunshine to build up that overall body tone, and the salty water of the beaches to condition my tresses to a mermaid-like texture. Ah, enough with the weird poetics? Thought so.

Of course, being the scatterbrained non-beauty expert I am – I do not remember exactly when I heard of beach Body Oil by Bobbi Brown – maybe about four years ago? Because I tend to romanticise most objects and people – generally, I have conjured a vividly dreamy scent of beach that is potent with whiffs of beach breeze, sea spray, etc. but I don’t have the faintest clue of what this smells like. Do you know what I am going to do? Look out for it at the Bombay store! (Desire a sniff, please.)

Also, seems like a decent base to employ before applying a soft sheen of bronzie make-up to your skin (on the limbs, D-UH). And if it’s an oil, the fragrance should last longer. Well, a girl can hope! This isn’t really a review, more like a dream-like review of what I think this product might actually be like. TCH!

P.S. Okay, two seconds! This is how the body oil is described on the Bobbi Brown website, give or take some words (er, OCD problems), “A unique, moisturising body oil that gives the skin a sultry sheen as it scents it with a beach-like fragrance – a lightly intoxicating blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin.” Mm-mmm…


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Coco Before Chanel

191 Coco Before Chanel

I’ve never been into Chanel, it’s not because I know a lot about the brand and choose not to be. It’s just that I don’t know enough (but I see Coco as the part meant for someone feminine, spirited and younger and Chanel for a woman who’s slightly older, sophisticated and refined), speaking of which – I would like to watch Coco Before Chanel – but anyway, this post is about the new-found love I have for Coco Mademoiselle, a Chanel fragrance that stirs something soothing and sensual within me. Does that sound like I’m turned on? I think I am. Because of my (favourite, heh) cousin Sasha (Sabharwal), who has been wearing the scent for a while now (and all the time since she’s been home), I’ve been growing to fall in love with its oriental notes even deeper.

Though I am currently coveting it for the moment, for this post precisely, I’m definitely thinking that this fragrance should be my next perfume acquisition. After all, it does make sense after Elle by Yves Saint Laurent etc. Though Elle will always be a dear favourite and an eternal classic… Then again, who says that one can’t have two? Right? Riiiight? Okay, goodbye.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Forever Ambre

174 Forever Ambre

Ahem. I have something to say – er, confess? About a week ago, when I visited Bandra No. 190 (a store which is home to Moon River, Nappa Dori and yes, yes, The Charcoal Project) for a work-related something with my colleagues – I bought a scented candle for Rs. 3,500 (190 g)! From diptyque! That’s okay, RIIIIGHT? I think it is. I didn’t walk into the store thinking I would buy anything – for starters, it totally slipped my mind that Moon River was going to be there (I’ve heard so much about it already, and I’ve always wanted to check it out if I ever did visit the Delhi outlet – Akanksha (Redhu) and her sister Naina make it seem really pretty – I feel like I’ve read about Moon River on both of their blogs.) But I digress!

For those of you who don’t know, diptyque is a French company that produces a line of fragrances and scented candles; they’re based in Paris (le sigh!). I haven’t known about them for too long, maybe only since the past two years. As soon as I stepped into Moon River, I spent more than a couple of minutes sniffing all the candles at the diptyque corner. Such lovely smells, and I was in “perfume-heaven”! Before finding Ambre, I did take a sniff at the John Galliano one (that was very tempting, too!) After that, I took a couple more sniffs of Ambre (if the security camera caught any of it, shucks! Crazed drug-addict like behaviour.) – it was the ONE for me! It reminded me of this one perfume from AvonSurrender (I don’t think they sell it anymore!). It was an impulsive, but good buy, you know? Totally fills up my room with its sweet fragrance, and how (surprisingly, I’ve been lighting it for a few hours every day this past week. Yeah, no miserly behaviour from MOI!) – NOTE TO SELF: Must not let such extravagance get to my head! – I probably should thank my colleague Supriya (The Home Label) for making me consider it (I actually didn’t require much persuading as such.) – the fragrance was enough to suck me in completely. And it did. And now my head and heart is in this dreamy, dark place of Ambre heaven. Mm-mmm!

{ Rating – 9 / 10 }

P.S. Of course, this review is subjective! If you’re into fragrances and home scents as heavily as I am, diptyque is a company whose stuff you should get/er, invest in? I wholeheartedly recommend one of their candles (or perfumes)! The price is as much as you would pay, perhaps for an EDP of 50 ml, and hun, that fragrance is so deep – it’s like you doused the room in it. As a candle, it pretty much R-O-X! In terms of the fragrance, that’s something you will have to figure out based on the notes and smells your nose generally likes/is accustomed to. Ambre is a fairly intoxicating mix of spicy vanilla, smoky wood and Arabic incense (from what I can tell). Confession? I have never spent this much on a singular piece of clothing – except for a few of my perfumes. Idjit!


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes