Okay, I have been gone a long time. I am not sure how it happened so, then again – I think I know. Can I just say that I am really excited to be back? I have sincerely missed you too. Sorely! (I am breaking into a huge grin as I type.) How are you? How have you been? Everything good? Not bad, not good? Figuring things out?

I would hope you are well. (I am, too.)

Where do I begin?

There is not much to tell, of course, but it has been long and I feel like talking. Okay, so here is one something: I have purchased a monthly subscription to Adobe Illustrator so I can use it alongside Adobe Photoshop and it is one of the better things that I have done, this year! I have much to learn (re-learn?) but yes, finalmente. (I have developed a mild obsessive/compulsive way of thinking over the years – I could have just said Photoshop without the Adobe when I used it in the previous sentence – you would have got it, but I just could not bear to not. I would have not used the word at all, then.)

Because of which, I have drawing on there some more than otherwise, and I randomly thought of making a project/series etc. of it on my Tumblr blog. The series is called Women of My World and I am protective/proud of it. Of course, some of the women may have some ‘drawing defects’ (sorry, my beautiful women) but I do not know! These women are special to me, they were my friends when I was bored at home – feeling dejected/depressed/lonely (about two months ago). I also have been meaning to acquire more work (of the illustrative variety, etc.); usually, a few folks reach out to me every year but it would be nice if I could manage to hear of interesting projects outside of this ‘tiny pool of reach’, and pitch for more projects (not too many) etc.

Oh yes, and the title of this post. Yes, somewhat apt, I could say! I have not been hiding but I have been scuttling about in the woods… I have been looking for something, walking on an unbeaten path (Don’t you hate the way I talk or write sometimes?), and falling down deep tunnels (not as intriguing as Alice’s adventures) and feeling beaten and broken etc. – however, every now and then, I seek refuge in a cosy hollow; ferns, leaves and saplings have been growing all over the place or I bump into worker bees who want to teach me that working hard is one of the world’s oldest methods to make the brain feel good. So I am happy, in a general sense. It is the little stratosphere around me – that bit is okay. It is good. There are pollutants that infiltrate etc.; some, I have no protection against. I am not trying to control every little thing, I am making decisions on my own, and I am trying. Really hard. (I want it to hurt!)

I am hoping to make something better of myself.

I am scared, though. (Though I think immersing oneself into a body of something is good; the word itself is light, it is not coercive or forceful or persuasive – it is healing. It is letting you breathe/do/make – complete with a very faint prickle of urgency. All in good measure, to get your ‘floating situation’ in order.)

There is more to come.

P.S. This post may have been all over the place; I do not apologise for it being so. I am happy to be writing here, again! Over the last few months and weeks, I was in a mind to delete a great big chunk of my posts from long ago. They were bothering me. There was a disconnect. I did not know what to write about. Shallow and superficial were two of the words hovering in my mind’s eye, all the fucking time. I do not directly help anyone through this platform, I know this… I am not sure if that is/was the primary purpose of this blog. But I have feelings I would like to express, and some thoughts too. Lots of in-between tales, I would hope you understand that this space has its shortcomings – I can accept that. It is dear to me; I love my other children too. I hope you do not just see this as a puerile place, it would feel horrid. I want my work to have meaning (whatever I do in life, no – not just jobs, necessarily.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


Snow and Behold

207 Snow and Behold

Christmas is coming, and of course, there’s nothing more I feel excited about! Okay, well, a couple of other things but I can’t write about everything here, now can I? Also, have I begun an older Christmas post here, similarly? Can’t honestly know or say, for sure… GOD, BRAIN. (Cheery brain makes me insane.)

A favourite new drawing of mine (Do I sound like the most self-conceited and -taught illustrator you know? Don’t wanna hear it.) – for obv. reasons, and this one came out looking fairly just as I had imagined in my head. (High five, BRAIN!) The snowman is from an older post in the #LearnToDraw series – HERE – so you can learn to draw that, too. Okay so, come on, isn’t this one just the easiest? Let me know if you do make one of your own, and I have a surprise of my own to share. (Very silly, and it’s more of something for you to benefit from – I hope you will keep reading my posts so you find out soon enough!)

P.S. Do you know any cool Christmas movies I should download for the season? (Unrelated but I am eagerly awaiting the worldwide release of the Into the Woods movie. The one with Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, yep!) Or books to read? There’s a challenge I have got to live up to. What do you like most about Christmas? Do you want one more Christmas themed artwork in this series (for December)? Talk more, later. Lots of love!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Crop Dead Gorgeous

189 Crop Dead Gorgeous

Crop tops! (Do you remember them from the late nineties? Thinking of Madonna now, and those smoky+sultry, leather bustiers she used to carry off way back then; Shania Twain, too, in slender tees showing off her beautiful, silky torso. HOT!) I think the fashion councils of the world came up with a new term for it though, and I’m not biiiig on the history actually but I really am digging  c r o p  t o p s. I bought a very cute and colourful ikat one from Topshop at PAX about two years ago. Best decision ever! :-)

And recently, I picked up TWO crochet+lace ones from Forever 21 a few months ago (I think they still have them if you want to check!). Don’t own a perfectly sculpted bod yet, but I think I can work them with sheer basics (or a denim shirt, if I ever get adventurous). High-waist skinnies look really good with crop tops too (which are perfect for chubsters like myself!); my favourite way to wear one would be with an oversize denim shirt, black ‘tuck-your-tummy-in’ skinnies, leather brogues (or boots), a messy top-knot and a vintage backpack! They’re just really my favourite NEW basic of the moment. 

P.S. Think I could get my own crop top made? I would want to the use the pattern I created here. Do you like it? Peek harder, and you can see those little evil eye motifs. Oh, and have you entered giveaway#2, yet? Details here! Enter away, friends.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

A Christmas Carol

160 A Christmas Carol

One of my very favourite classics is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and for some reason – when I think about the book, my brain conjures up a memory of Christmas pudding! Perhaps it’s because of that scene when Bob Cratchit’s wife brings out that glorious, flaming pudding for everyone at home or so, I don’t know… Well, pooh, let’s ignore my musings and ramblings for a minute, shall we!

Speaking of pudding, I love it so – especially the rich, alcohol-infused, fruity variety (yes, yes, the Christmas kind!)… There’s a particular supermarket in Al-Khobar (yes, I grew up in Saudi Arabia!) where you can buy it from, during this time of the year – man, I miss my kingdom days! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the cheery cake a lot and here’s a little something that I came up with. ^.^

P.S. I know I haven’t dedicated a blog post to the winner of my giveaway but for those of you who have no clue, her name’s Prathma Sharma! And I sent her goodies over last week which she has already received and is very happy with. That, in turn, makes me sooper happy.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes