Lady in the Water

222 Lady in the Water

Do you know how much good it does your heart; when you’re standing on the shore of a beach and you can feel the dry but soft mica granules under your toes, warming your soles, you’re thinking things and watching the waves crash against each other and hearing the call of the ocean, and in an instant, your feet are graced with a jet of frothy, bubbly, delicious molecules of sea water? ♥ There’s no feeling quite like it! Except if you’re probably reading a book on the sand after a quick swim, letting the rays of the sun warm your bare skin and kiss your hair.

What are these feelings? Describe them, please. So… Like when if you close your eyes for too long, you miss that swish of an aquamarine fin on a glorious tail disappearing under the water – and you don’t know it now. You never do. Nobody ever does… There’s magic. Does stringing together random thoughts of beautiful people and places around us make it poetic? What is this? What are you saying? I thought you would think of a picture. Or a person! Think, now. Everything’s magic. Incoherence of speech is an ailment common among us ocean folk. Breaks us down, and builds us up again. Sandcastles, in reverse…

Scatter your thoughts about… And, begin again. Feel the vibe of the ocean as it calls out to you, as it asks for you to seek its treasures. Look for the little shells, the really tiny, textured surface ones… They’re a creamy colour! What do you think? How many hexadecimal codes of the colour blue is the sky made up of? Have you ever thought of that? Which is the constellation you look for, when you look up in to the inky sky after the sun has set, and the beach is eery, beautiful, calm, and seems like it’s whispering; can you smell that?

Did you do that, ever? Erm, you know… Fill a bottle with a paper scripted with a beautiful thought, and fling it into the ocean? Why haven’t you done that? Actually, I haven’t – either. I will, soon! Did you leave silly messages in the sand? Write someone’s name down? :-) Randomness is good, it makes you feel things… Listen to the call of the ocean. The waters are beckoning you, closer… One step, yes, that’s it. Two steps… Ooh, it’s chilly! Ah, but it feels so nice. There, you set it free… Farewell, dearest.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes



Snow and Behold

207 Snow and Behold

Christmas is coming, and of course, there’s nothing more I feel excited about! Okay, well, a couple of other things but I can’t write about everything here, now can I? Also, have I begun an older Christmas post here, similarly? Can’t honestly know or say, for sure… GOD, BRAIN. (Cheery brain makes me insane.)

A favourite new drawing of mine (Do I sound like the most self-conceited and -taught illustrator you know? Don’t wanna hear it.) – for obv. reasons, and this one came out looking fairly just as I had imagined in my head. (High five, BRAIN!) The snowman is from an older post in the #LearnToDraw series – HERE – so you can learn to draw that, too. Okay so, come on, isn’t this one just the easiest? Let me know if you do make one of your own, and I have a surprise of my own to share. (Very silly, and it’s more of something for you to benefit from – I hope you will keep reading my posts so you find out soon enough!)

P.S. Do you know any cool Christmas movies I should download for the season? (Unrelated but I am eagerly awaiting the worldwide release of the Into the Woods movie. The one with Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, yep!) Or books to read? There’s a challenge I have got to live up to. What do you like most about Christmas? Do you want one more Christmas themed artwork in this series (for December)? Talk more, later. Lots of love!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


201 Pumpkinhead

Of course you don’t remember the last time I created one of these! (It was er, ages ago. And if you do remember, wow, OMG, you rock.) It wasn’t that I terminated the series just that I couldn’t think anymore, and find fun ones to do but it’s back, and what do you think? Huh. Huh? UH-HUH. Uh-huh? Suppose the brown paper bag could look a little cuter, eh? Well, 4 points to me for trying. Enough, let me know in the comments below? And lest you steal this piece of mine, I’ll come and haunt you, you nasty little (what rhymes with mine?) SWINE! Turn you into a toad, and wish you ill-a-load. Okay. Bye! Happy Halloween.

P.S. I found out – Nay, remembered – that when I was in the fifth or seventh grade, I had a habit of drawing out food and desserts (creamy bottles of milk, cherry cake etc.) as written about in Enid Blyton books! Yep, and when I looked at the drawings, they are so similar to what I make now. Can I say that I wanted to be an artist/creator/doodler/illustrator ever since I was little? For when I get interviewed, you know. I can, okay? Okay, I will. Sorry, I like to ramble.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Boom Clap

198 Boom ClapOne of the cooler projects I’ve worked on – EVER – (but mostly) this year! (Actually, I’m also proud of this ONE.) Back to this one! Worked on this artwork for an e-mailer for Sony Music Entertainment (India) featuring the single Boom Clap by Charli XCX, sometime in August of this year. (There’s one more project I worked on for them, and I will share pictures, soon.) Okay, and this is unrelated (when is it ever not?) but I hate the WEE bit of Photoshop that’s been done on Charli XCX’s face and/or nose here (YOU KNOW YOU ARE!), because she’s so pretty otherwise, you know?

What do you think of this? Damn happy with the outcome! (First round of thanks belongs to this cool kid, Lara Pinto for getting me the gig.) Basically doodled my heart out in the background surrounding Charli XCX, whose collaborations with Iggy Azalea I’ve come to adore. That’s besides the point but I do have a knack for digressing, etc. Sorry for tooting my horn, might as well, seeing that I have one life and all that. Not that this is a jest, Universe. I’m pretty happy, okay? Farewell, before more nonsense ensues.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes