It has taken longer than expected (or so I thought) for me to resurface. I went on a two-week holiday with my folks (early June) and yet when I came back, I could not muster the will to work on any posts. I enjoy publishing these stories and knowing that someone out there is reading them or even not, basically I like the feeling of having done something. Something I really want to. Why did I need four months away? Was I developing ah-mazing content, was I revamping this webzine of sorts, was I going to be back with a BANG? Was I sad, and needed time to collect my thoughts? No, no, no and no. I just wanted to take a break; it felt good, four months was goooood and long.

And here I am! We went to Europe, visited four cities/countries there, and I could not be happier that it happened. It was not so much the food or the men, but the sights/sites that had me intoxicated. I definitely want to cover my travels in a series of smaller posts, soon – and I hope you will like reading these tales. But yeah, extremely grateful that everything worked out, and we got to visit some truly wonderful places. :-) Since coming back, I have been working on writing assignments, one illustration project (the business has come from a dear set of friends so I am happy), and another (that I hope to acquire) etc.

Erm, I am also learning a new language online (it has been two months, and I am happy with my progress so far); and I have been watching a lot of movies and shows. I need to stop! But first, let me say this – I discovered the best series yet this August, Stranger Things, it was so fucking good that I re-watched the entire series immediately after completing watching it, the first time. Uh-huh, that level of psychitude, homez!

What is with the title of this post, and the illustration?

Well, I think sometimes we all need space and time to figure ourselves out. And journeys! Not just to places, but within our minds as well. We need to breathe, be free, let go and just be. Experience things or not, develop our wits, learn lessons and move forward. We might feel like we have deeply unsettling problems and that we need cures, and yeah, maybe we do but sometimes we also do not – we are good yet missing the point. Much like the folks in this story; should you dig J.K. Rowling, you will know.

So whether you are hoping to chance upon magical keys or mirrors, ingest a few drops of a magical elixir or potion, interpret the patterns the tea leaves form in your cups, wear some quartz to tap into its energy etc. – also know that you have it in you. Failures and mistakes are okay, I am learning this better with every passing year; plus it does not seem all that nasty when I think of who I am becoming or growing into. I like this person. I have liked me for a long time now, more than I thought I could admit. I have flaws, and want to make the best of all this lesson-learning. I do not want to wither away, I would not like my work to be forgotten or deemed worthless.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes



195 Happythankyoumoreplease

Can we take a moment to be thankful for everything? Can we smile a bit more? Can we be happier for those around us? Can we let go? Can we forgive each other? Can we just be and bask in the awesomeness of life? Can we fall in love more with life? Can we ask for help when needed? Can we be nicer to people? Can we say something nice? Can we sit by the sea and read a book in solitude? Can we give a bit more? Can we loosen our hold on material things? Can we flake away false promises? Can we eat healthier? Can we be wiser? Can we thank people when they close and open a door for you to walk through? Can we smile kindly at the old lady who used her crutch to signal and help you find a rickshaw? Can we buy flowers for our mothers every week? Can we be happy for our friends who saw a beautiful city that we get to see through their eyes? Can we put out more positive vibes out there? Can we admit our failings and seek professional help? Can we ask a best friend for guidance? Can we ask an ex-friend, boyfriend, lover, partner etc. for guidance on a random subject? Can we just call them because we feel the urge to? Can we be sillier? Can we laugh about it, later? Can we live alone, and independently? Can we unflinchingly give away a chunk of money to someone who might need it more? Can we do more? Can we save the world? Can we please be more thankful? Can we not be as fucked up as we usually pretend to be? Can we please give credit where it’s due? Can we love honestly and unabashedly? Can we cringe less at flaws? Can we like what we see in the mirror? Can we not curse when someone treads on our toes? Can we say goodbye, in person, in finality? Can we be more appreciative? Can we cook, clean and look after ourselves?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Lucky Number 13

100 Lucky Number 13

I’m not sure what to say to you, 2012. You have been pretty unpredictable, but mostly good. I kind of like you but it’s time to say goodbye. There has been talk though, of your comrade, 2013, not seeing the light of day. Of this world coming to a close. Well, I have hope and it shines bright and new. 2013, I SEE you!

Coincidentally, this post is also my hundredth (yes, I know it has been two years since Jupiter Skye was conceived but yeah…), and well, I solemnly swear to post my writings and work more often on this blog. 2012 has been a strange year, a good year somehow, a year filled with travel, some illness in between, happy stuff and it has led me to rekindle all my past friendships. And though I might whine often, I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way. Call it sheer dumb luck perhaps as Professor McGonagall would say! :-D

And while we’re talking about new beginnings (and positive ones, at that) and the year to come, I thought I might as well pen thirteen resolutions that I hope tono, scratch that! – solemnly swear to stay true to, come 2013…

1. I hope to be more regular when it comes to updating this blog, Jupiter Skye.

2. I want to spend a dedicated couple of days every month to Rosecraft, and make cooler + better jewellery and stationery (I have already thought of a few lines).

3. I will not be so BREEZY about my life; I’ll try to work around it, figure out where I can study art and illustration abroad, look up colleges and university programmes (ON MY OWN).

4. I will travel to one place I’ve never, EVER set foot in, before.

5. I will write more. And OFTEN. Yes, I miss ranting, being morbid and writing all those deep, dark and cryptic things on my other blog, and in my journals.

6. I will buy lesser clothes and accessories (I’ll also try to sort out the stuff in my closet and give away what I don’t wear anymore or haven’t worn yet! Garage sale?), and actually save up.

7. I will buy a domain name for my baby! Must ask Mr. Makhija for help. :-D

8. I will practise my calligraphy. Need to look for my old ink pens!

9. I will learn French. This has to be set in stone. I simply must! I just feel that if I brush up on what I’ve already learnt, and actually complete gaining all my knowledge of the language, somehow Paris will happen. It won’t seem so far-fetched then. Silly huh? :-)

10. I will LOSE some weight. Yes, I did get skinnier after my fight with pneumonia in March this year, but later, I put on all those damned pounds once again. 

11. Goodbye caffeine (coffees + colas). :’-(

12. I will paint at least four coasters a month. This isn’t such a difficult goal, and I must, for the sake of Rosecraft. Amen!

13. Last but certainly not the least (because I’m sure I’ll think of a dozen more after I publish this), I will try a little bit, just a wee bit really to be social. I hate being so, honestly because I’m a very HAPPY loner, but I will try this year. Just for you! :-D


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

P.S. Have a heart, and please refrain from copying and stealing my illustrations or branding them as your own; I had the biggest scare recently when a fashion brand stole my stuff for their Facebook fan-page, so PLEASE. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t, and if you like my work, you can get in touch with me at, yes!

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