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233 Sugar & Spice

I am not sure how to begin writing this post, exactly… Only because I tend to repeat myself, or usually start with, “Okay, so... ” or “Erm, to… ” Why don’t I have a cool catchphrase? Would be SWEET if I did! Do you have one? What would my life be like if I didn’t have a blog to look after? Not in the arrogant sense, more like, “Would it be easier to just be, and not over-think and not have to jot down every idea that I had?” Yikes, I don’t know! (Does this feel like what it would be like when you have a baby?) I can’t stop over-thinking, and yet I hate thinking about these things. Talk about a rubbish intro paragraph, and I wanted to have a catchphrase (shut it, bro).

Okay (turns out that I can’t get rid of it yet), so a few weeks ago, Radhika (Malhotra) of Sugar & Spice e-mailed me because she wanted to have a cool, new header created for her blog; I remember being very interested about the project because the name itself had so much potential, I was thinking of conjuring jars of magical sprinkles and cake-mixers blending secret-looking ingredients in bowls and well, all sorts of objects, because erm… SUGAR AND SPICE – Commonplace as the phrase is, something about it is very charming, enchanting even. (Radhika is a Delhi-based blogger who makes desserts and food, mostly – and covers all related recipes on her blog; she also loves composing and shooting the pictures for all of her posts.)

We both came up with very many ideas that were exchanged over a couple of e-mails… Radhika decided that she liked the idea most of Sugar & Spice being illustrated as a logo unit (in a typeface format, along with her signature). So, it was a header-style artwork that won her heart ultimately, wherein Sugar & Spice and all of her favourite ingredients and tools were illustrated colourfully! Also, we finally settled for a different typeface in the overall artwork but this is the one I used originally which made me like this version more, heh. (I can’t decide what I like the most… The jar of Nutella, slab of butter, or ooh, the eggs, camera – yes, I was inspired by the Lomography ones, the cake-mixer, lemons, etc. Ooh, definitely the sprinkles!)

P.S. This is the second dessert-ish related artwork/logo (I think The Vanilla Bean Bakery was the first) that I’ve worked on formally for someone, and I LOOOOOVE working on projects like these… Because it makes me very happy to be able to draw things to eat. :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes



201 Pumpkinhead

Of course you don’t remember the last time I created one of these! (It was er, ages ago. And if you do remember, wow, OMG, you rock.) It wasn’t that I terminated the series just that I couldn’t think anymore, and find fun ones to do but it’s back, and what do you think? Huh. Huh? UH-HUH. Uh-huh? Suppose the brown paper bag could look a little cuter, eh? Well, 4 points to me for trying. Enough, let me know in the comments below? And lest you steal this piece of mine, I’ll come and haunt you, you nasty little (what rhymes with mine?) SWINE! Turn you into a toad, and wish you ill-a-load. Okay. Bye! Happy Halloween.

P.S. I found out – Nay, remembered – that when I was in the fifth or seventh grade, I had a habit of drawing out food and desserts (creamy bottles of milk, cherry cake etc.) as written about in Enid Blyton books! Yep, and when I looked at the drawings, they are so similar to what I make now. Can I say that I wanted to be an artist/creator/doodler/illustrator ever since I was little? For when I get interviewed, you know. I can, okay? Okay, I will. Sorry, I like to ramble.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Boom Clap

198 Boom ClapOne of the cooler projects I’ve worked on – EVER – (but mostly) this year! (Actually, I’m also proud of this ONE.) Back to this one! Worked on this artwork for an e-mailer for Sony Music Entertainment (India) featuring the single Boom Clap by Charli XCX, sometime in August of this year. (There’s one more project I worked on for them, and I will share pictures, soon.) Okay, and this is unrelated (when is it ever not?) but I hate the WEE bit of Photoshop that’s been done on Charli XCX’s face and/or nose here (YOU KNOW YOU ARE!), because she’s so pretty otherwise, you know?

What do you think of this? Damn happy with the outcome! (First round of thanks belongs to this cool kid, Lara Pinto for getting me the gig.) Basically doodled my heart out in the background surrounding Charli XCX, whose collaborations with Iggy Azalea I’ve come to adore. That’s besides the point but I do have a knack for digressing, etc. Sorry for tooting my horn, might as well, seeing that I have one life and all that. Not that this is a jest, Universe. I’m pretty happy, okay? Farewell, before more nonsense ensues.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring, Jupiter Skye, Learn to Draw by Roanna Fernandes, a series by jupiter skye

Okay… so, here’s the thing! :-) I know I’m not your conventional fashion girl – I’m not particularly fond of putting up pictures of my personal style (until I find a way!), I stick to creating collages of the clothes and accessories that I like, I talk about lettering types and having bought something from the road for not that much, blah, blah. I get it. And I think you do, too, on some level. 

Wow, I really do suck at building up stories, particularly my own! Er, yeah, so this is it. This is my next big thing, readers! Or doodlers. It’s a little something I thought of, and decided that it’s going to be a series. “Engagement rings,” as an idea came to me very randomly (Nuh-uh, I wasn’t hinting at anything! Far from that.) and the next might be just as kooky (a snowflake?) but I hope you’ll like it. I haven’t learned to draw professionally – I wanted to but I never found a course that I really liked or could afford! This is my way of learning (and sharing)… the doodle way. Let me know if this is a series you would like to keep tabs on?

P.S. Because I seem nice, don’t take advantage. That means that Y O U (yes, you, at the back of the classroom with those shifty eyes!) are not to steal this artwork to label or promote as your own – believe me, I’ll find out (and when I do, it won’t be pretty).


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes