254 Drops of Jupiter - Part Un

Hello friends!

It is time, for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago. Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything. :-) The month of March brings me a gift, every year. Of time – it gives me the space to thinkthinkthinkthink, list out (new) goals for betterment, et cetera. 2016 marks my sixth year of blogging – and I thought it would be interesting to talk you about my blogging journey from then to now. This is a two-part mini-series; and will read rather long, but it would make me happy if on some level – these posts have you thinking about your own blog, and why you are here.

What does Jupiter Skye mean?

(I get this a lot!) I like the planet Jupiter, and Skye is a name I adore (I also learned recently that Jupiter has a very cool Aquarius connection, but more on that later). There were folks who initially suggested changing the name to something meaningful with relevant keywords, so that more folks would stumble upon my blog. I stuck with Jupiter Skye because I liked how it sounded. It didn’t need to mean much; all that mattered was that it was mine – my baby, my space!

When did it come to be?

December 20, 2010. (This was the first post!)

Why did you start this blog?

Well, at the time, blogs on beauty, fashion, personal style, etc. were very new in India. There were a handful I used to follow: Fashion-Bombay by Jasleen and Sonu, Honestly… WTF by Erica and Lauren, etc. Their posts inspired me on a very real level; I felt like I could connect to these authors and their blogs. I, too, wanted a space where I could live, learn, and be, whilst allowing my aspirations and/or inspirations to grow into something more than I imagined.

What were your intentions?

Okay, even if you ask me now about brands or collections or designers et cetera – I probably won’t know all that there is to know, and in some cases, nothing. What gets me going are the colours, details, patterns, prints, textures etc. Fashion, of course, is as subjective as music (or anything else). Everyone likes what they like. Though never stated explicitly before, I did not wish to title what I was doing as fashion blogging – I wrote about what I liked in a manner I knew best, roundabout though it may have been.

What did you do?

(The illustration explains this laconically, each box represents the period. The first box – 2010; the second – 2011 and 2012; the third – 2013; the fourth – 2014; and the fifth – 2015, etc.) I had no major goals then, so I didn’t hold back when it came to writing about bargain buys, D.I.Y projects, my personal style, things that were on my shopping list, et cetera. 2010 and 2011 saw me at my amateur best! The posts were random, were not connected broadly, each post was individual in its structure – the odd times when I go through my older posts, I feel like rewriting some posts or taking them down.

2012 looked better – I experimented with editorial layouts, and some series etc. that would interest or engage my readers on a regular basis. There was COOLIO, CHEAP and CHIC (want to revive this but will update the layout, first), a typeface series, other randos and I also bought a camera, then! Nothing fancy, though tonnes better than the one I owned previously; digital but not a DSLR, and it possessed a sound system for a newbie photographer to work with. This was also the time when I began telling folks about Jupiter Skye – never wanted to, before. Of course, some of my close friends knew about my blog only because they were the only ones privy to my doubts and such. But my friends at work and/or the friendly bloggers I knew, then? Well, nobody knew nothing. (Magali was one of the first bloggery few who came across it.)

2013 was the year when I was forced to move to WordPress (I was on Posterous earlier, and it shut down unexpectedly). I had to re-learn working with a new platform which included things like figuring out the ideal picture size for each post (I worked on broad, horizontal layouts before, WordPress supports vertical ones better), typefaces I could use for the content etc. There was a lot of good that happened, that year – I thought to create a confetti background and pretty header for the blog, bought a domain name – finally, and even got my business cards made.

2014 made sure that my good streak continued, the content grew more definitive (and qualitative?) – and, it was my fourth year of blogging. There were four giveaways that I held that year to celebrate, and 2014 was rightly deemed the “Fourth Year of Festivities.”

2015 started on a magical (and moody) note. (I also bought my Wacom tablet, then!) February onward, I began diligently following a colour theme, every month – so that the posts appeared more connected through the stories they told. I managed that bit somewhat nicely, but want to do it better – this year.

Do you wish you did things differently?

No, because I would never know to do what I do now if I did things differently then.

P.S. Okay, so this covers everything on how this space came to be – and I am covering the AFTER in a following post – what this blog has done for me, what I like about it, growth patterns, so on and so forth. Thank you for reading!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


253 The Mirror of Erised

We’re all fond of magic, and the folklore associated with it. Well, some of us are – for the most part. A mystical energy possessing abilities not entirely unlikely of making dreams come true, or of taking care of our troubles, et cetera? I, for one, have always been fascinated with all kinds of fairy tales – especially the ones where magic is the solution. Aiding the fair youth as he or she sets upon an obstacle-ridden course excelling in their quest ultimately (locating a wishing-well somewhere deep in a legendary forest) or rousing a prince or princess from the most deepest sleep with a few drops of magical elixir dropped over their closed mouths. Do you know?

We’re older now, and magic does exist. Perhaps not in the ways that we imagined before, but oh, it is around. You don’t see it, you feel it. Sometimes the good kind, sometimes bad. But it’s the positive particles you believe in, and want desperately to feel. (I totally get that!) Do not stop believing, okay?

And as a little something-something, here’s a virtual, ornate hand mirror for you, inspired by the one from the Harry Potter series, The Mirror of Erised – for you to reflect upon every once in while when times are troubled and everything feels out of place. It not always is. You know that! So, harness all you’ve got to create your own kind of magic. Ooh, and it isn’t magic, unless it makes you smile. I know that better, now. Don’t be scared, okay?

P.S. Do you guys remember which fairy tale had an ornate hand mirror in their Disney animated movie counterpart? (-:


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


252 Pure Shores

Aquarius, you are the water-bearer. You are the carrier of all that is magical and moody, passionate and pure. That is not to say that your surface does not become murky and polluted every once in a while, when troubled times come a-calling but lately you have been on a rather good streak. Following one’s heart is always recommended to those who are treading on a path seeking happiness – for only when you truly love, you can truly be.

The heart of the matter is to not wallow when you feel like you are sinking… And you will not! For now – you are more perceptive to your needs – for the first time ever. You are being kind to yourself. You are looking out for you. You are falling in love, unabashedly. And it’s taking you places you never imagined you would see, and teaching you all that there is to be. Aquarius, you are a creature of the ocean – you are spirited and still, all at once. The waters will waver, and the tides will turn; but it is only to remind you of what is to be learned. 

P.S. This post was inspired by the Woodstock Witch or Karishma Rajani, if you will; it was also my way of waxing poetic about the astrological sign I was born under. Ooh, and I hope this year brings you all the love and light you are attracting and radiating, Aquarius. :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


251 High by the Beach

“Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

(This is what has been said on the Pantone website.) Never before have I felt a more powerful pull to the colours of the year! I have always been interested in knowing what the colours of the year are (ever since 2012), but this year feels special. I feel like they are connected to me in a very overall way, this year. The colours speak to me! A cool wave of tranquility washes over me… Cleansing my soul completely. I am warm, I am cool, I am tinted, I am hued, I am flawed, I am perfect. I am well!

  1. This is a collection of items that seemed to reflect my thoughts – at least, I think so! I chose them for their colouring and vibe. Also, my mermaid socks from Forever 21 (Rs. 89), and the Ruchi Opal Pendant from Accessorize (Rs. 343.50) make an appearance, here.
  2. I am very excited to begin reading The Love Letter and Other Stories by Buddhadeva Bose; I have only read one of his other books which I enjoyed immensely so yeah, I picked this one up on a whim. (The book isn’t being sold like this, I just liked how it looked without its jacket on.)
  3. I don’t remember how this little plastic, Barbie-like mermaid came into my possession, but I am not complaining. I like her!
  4. And the watercolour postcard? :-) Sonaksha posted this one across to me, and I love it so much. (Yes, it is from the same series that I was talking about earlier.)

P.S. I think it is very, very important to remember that you are the only person who can make you whole again. I was lost for a very long time, sinking slowly into a dreary depression, etc. and so I might be able to relate to someone else feeling similarly. It would be crazy town to tell you my life is idyllic RN, but it certainly is not so bad either. I have been forgetting about the little things (maybe you have, too?) – and now, I really want to devote my efforts, energy, love, money and time to create more – and, experiences.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes