223 Aquamarine

Ooh, sorry for waxing poetic – Nay, oceanic – about aquamarine hues! When I was little, I always maintained that my favourite colour was blue. Or I would tell people random things, how much I liked (and still love, to this day) looking at swimming pools; I think mermaids just could be real (oh, humour me – won’t you, please?), I found myself to be an ardent collector of sea stories (and shells), and enjoyed making castles of sand, and well, just all kinds of ocean-related crazies.

I think over the years though, the blues darkened and I fell in LOVE with black, fast and very hard… But I guess I still always really liked the colour blue. Sorry, I know this sounds like some weirdo romantic escapade! :-( Okay, cutting several anecdotes short to include in this story, I think you know that I have been crushing over blue, green, mint, teal hues ever since last year… Erm, the “Minaj Wedding”, yougaiz! These tints that just soften a look, or pop an outfit oh-so-dreamily.

1. Nika Brooch, And Smile – $17.30

Ordered this brooch pin (and the other one in the picture) from Viktorija Semjonova, last year. I will not get into specifics because I already wrote about these lovely, water-colour prints before. 

2. Turquoise Ombre Gathered Maxi Dress, bhane. – Rs. 950

Been thinking about this oceanie/mermaid dress on bhane. for a long, long time now! I think it’s just so pretty, and also, I’ve never ordered from bhane. before. Ooh, I want to!

3. Isis Necklace, Lune – Rs. 500; Laura Brooch, And Smile – $17.30

This is one of my favourite pictures from this shoot! I bought the book a couple of years ago, and don’t remember if I liked it all that much but the cover? SIGH. That cover! The key charm necklace is from Sreesha’s shop; I like its broken quality – makes me think of vintage houses, you know? 

4. CASUAL Sea Salt Texturising Spray, TONI & GUY (200 ml) – Rs. 1,050

Erm, okay, so sue me! Bought this on a whim, I had heard about it a bit, yeah, and thought it might be fun to try out. So, it smells really good, and I’ve been using it to style my hair messily as opposed to having actual bedhead, lolol, and yeah, to weave braids into my messy knot thingie. I think I got excited mostly by the mention of SEA SALT, alone.

5. Sreesha Necklace, The Jupiter Skye Shop – Rs. 480

Aha! The Jupiter Skye Shop exiiiists, you all! RO CAN HAZ SHOP! I am being tardy with uploading more jewellery and stationery frequently, but look out – There will be lovelies that you will want to order. Ah, endless hope.

{ What else is in the picture? 1. Cream White Lace Bralette, Forever 21 – Rs. 679; 2. Brazilian Knickers in Emerald Green, Marks & Spencer – Rs 599; 3. Eternal Love Pendant (Triquetra), Accessorize – Rs. 695; 4. Ear Cuff (Dancing Skulls), Colaba Causeway – Rs. 90; 5. Psychedelic Feather Earring, Dryad – Rs. 500; 6. Mystical Glass Box (Hexagon), The Home Label – Rs. 640; 7. Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings, Accessorize – Rs. 403.50; 8. Express Finish Vernis Séchage in 865 Turquoise Green, Maybelline New York – Rs. 220 }

(HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?: Wanted to get your attention to tell you that none of these clothes, products or whatevers were sponsored for this post; everything’s been bought by me and all views are naturally my own. Probably, sadly, too! Also, if you are my friend in real life, you will know that I have not worn many of these lovelies just as yet… OUI, I AM A HOARDER.)


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes



218 Cake

Weddings, weddings… They’re the flavour of the season! ;-) Don’t know if this cake is a traditional version, but I think not. I rather like it, it’s Belgian chocolate (that means it’s dark, no? – because I like it bittersweet) and French vanilla; and there are hues of salmon pink in the background of this illustration to offset the cake beautifully. (I am only rambling!) Congratulations to all those of you who are getting married, have already gotten married, celebrating anniversaries or setting dates, etc.-etc. I wish you love, light, magic and sweetness; and make sure you are marrying an equal, a friend, one who will LOVE and TREAT you right… (Whom you will want to do the same for, D-UH!) ♥

Okay, so Sugar is playing in the background right now, by Maroon 5; I LOVE THAT TRACK! The video is even better. Toodles friends, I’m off to watch Cake now. I’ve been watching a lot of movies this past week, and now I’m catching up on all the nominated ones. Oh, and hey – I’ll be uploading some things on my Tumblr shop, soon – so please follow me over there? (Click, click, click, click.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Double, Double Oil and Bubble

206 Double, Double Oil and Bubble

Ooh, so it feels like Christmas is in the air, does it not? Not that this product smells like the festive season, however it does smell rather wonderful. Another beauty product to make this series, I could not think of a more befitting time to talk/gush about/over this heavenly scrub from The Body Shop – Thanks to Debasree’s video (of All She Needs fame; who is also a fellow loyalist of The Body Shop), the Wild Argan Oil range has been all I can think about for the past couple of days, to tell you truthfully.

Of course, I had to go to the store to see for myself what was so GOOOOD about this fragrant range, and I did. Bought the body lotion, then (could not resist, smells addictive, and to be fair, it was Rs. 695) and well, the scrub wasn’t too expensive (but it kind of is, for me, right now) so I did not get that. The lotion itself makes me feel like a desert dream! (Erm, I know this is weird! Actually, it doesn’t even make sense but I just LOVE alliterations.)

And I am a believer of layering scents, so I think this body scrub would be a fabulous product to own, this. No more rough elbows for ME! Totally got to get my paws on this, before the stock at all stores is O-V-E-R. The sales assistant did mention that the range is of the limited edition variety, shucks.

P.S. These views are completely honest, and my own! Would have been nothing short of magical to have this post sponsored, but it wasn’t. Back to this scrubbie, if you are thinking of treating yourself this season (Come on, I know you want to!), get something that you are most likely to use from the Wild Argan Oil range. Take a sniff of the stuff for sure, might not be to your liking. (To me, it smells slightly Moroccan oil-ie, cocoa-ish, sweet but expensive, luxurious, like a coffee cream or something. Very wintry!)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


194 Make-A-Washi

Remember when I kept on harping about washi tape? I mean, not over here, but on my Facebook page. And well, I did know of one place that retails it online from within India, Ricco Crafts, and I bookmarked it for the longest time ever, forgot about it, and asked around again – this year! Anyway, I remember having a conversation with The Closet Cook back when we used to work together (at The Label Corp, yep!) a few months ago… And she introduced me to the charms of Anupam. Yep, I know – big idiot = ME! – for not knowing better before, because I knew about Anupam, not that it stocked washi tapes in well, so many colours of the rainbow and then some more BUT because even stationery wise, I was like, really. That was my judgmental past! THANK YOU, NUPUR RELEKAR! I own more than a couple of rolls now, and I know where to refresh my stock every time I finish up a roll. And get this! One roll = Rs. 70. Right here in the city! Who woulda thunk?! Well, you could thank me but I would suggest that you direct your thanks, all here: CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.


Artwork  & Picture by Roanna Fernandes