The Princess Diaries

236 The Princess Diaries

For some reason, I’ve been drawing these arched windows everywhere (I just learned that this architectural style does have a name, and these curved domes are called onion domes.)… I think it probably has to do with me thinking of Delhi lately, being inspired by those Mughalesque buildings and minarets, etc. I also recently finished reading Persepolis (and watching the movie) for the third time, ever. (Which could have contributed to the obsession, too!) Marjane Satrapi’s illustrative style is one of my favourites, and as you know I do love dark outlines and objects with the little details that are drawn out so carefully (even the teacups and kettles in the book + movie look cute).

P.S. This drawing was titled Rajkumari only because the girl seems like an Indian princess standing in an arched window, and I don’t know? The hint of pink made me think of a RANI hue, and other ethnic elements. But however, I realise I am rambling, I do like how I’ve drawn this and really, badly want to start drawing and practising strokes with Illustrator. So far, I’m only equipped with fairly good Photoshop skills. Need to look for online courses; and also, get another job! Broke.


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes



Sweet November

203 Sweet November

Forest green is the colour of my heart, this November! I suppose, it’s a blend between a warm summer and wintery autumn; yes, it’s that shade of green. Not envy, not sick! Pure, fresh, fragrant, resuscitating… Okay, so here’s the thing! And also, it seems like all I ever do is mope, mope, mope, mope. Not a secret? I want to be better at life. Be social when required. Be there for folks. I want to do more with my time. Sometimes I feel like everything’s slipping away… Out of my grasp, and I can stop it. BUT, I won’t. This feels like one of those awful days. Pangs of guilt. Boredom looming around like a dark cloud. Dramatic thoughts. I’m falling and failing, and should be concerned. This is a vow! Promise to not feel ashamed anymore. Will rise out of this self-pity, and be better. P.S. I will be better! Watch the blog, please? Reading a few good books, and I have some painting to do – this week. Also, a wedding sketch – TODAY. Nearly done, but have been procrastinating. Bye, friends!

NOTE: Watch out, because there is a giveaway coming your way, and this one should be a lot of fun! Also, it marks my third one on this particular planet. Collaborated with a label that focuses on handmade lovelies! Conceptualised a design that will be painted on the prezzie to be won. Oh, have I said too much? Just wait, and see! 


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


200 Shopgirl

Winter is coming! Okay, so maybe not really to Bombay but it always gets a bit nippy during December so I’m hopeful. (Cannot wait enough for Christmas, fa la la la la, la la la la!) Shucks, I forgot to add a quilted pattern leather jacket to the list (Diesel or Zara, YUM!). This is an exciting exercise for me, come every season or whenever I usually have one of those fashion-related epiphanies, I like to reevaluate my choices and narrow it to the basics. Or in my case, favourites of the season! For me, that usually also means sticking to the same staples I’ve grown accustomed to because:

a) I like how they look on me. (Black looks best on me, HEH!)

b) I like how I look in them! (That’s an awesome feeling.)

c) I feel comfortable in my favourite clothes. (D-UH!) Sorry, this one’s a bit obvious. But I feel like as we grow older, we are more honest about ourselves and what we like. We would get more defensive about our choices when we were younger. Accepting truths is just better for yourself and everyone else.  Yes, I’m still talking about clothes/accessories, here! #DeceivingMuch

d) I know what to buy more of! (And of what not to buy at all.) For me, that would be anything that’s sleeveless (they don’t flatter my arms at all), or jeggings (don’t look good on me + UGH, UGH, UGH-Why were they invented?-UGH!), I can’t remember what else but you get the drift right? There are a lot of patterns and styles I like but some I just know that I won’t wear and wouldn’t do justice to, so I would rather not buy them anymore than pretend to myself that I do/will at some point. 

e) I feel proud knowing what I like/suits me in opposition to going with what’s trending or is popular. Fashion is really just that, I believe, you have to know to interpret what you like through what you wear. Of course, forecasts help – they either assert a trend you believe in carrying off, or open your eyes to avenues of ideas you didn’t think possible. Like kimono jackets, they can be so stylish but they’re equally comfortable and can look really boho. I know they’re equated to festival fashion but I think there’s so much more to do with them when thinking of them formally as well. They’re so exciting, paired with high-necks and/or a lace inner. 

f) I actually don’t follow particular fashion forecasts of sorts. I do read, am subscribed to most blogs and magazines, but I mostly find my inspiration in people I know/meet on an everyday basis. I find it much to easier to shop then, when I have such opinions and first-hand viewership when it comes to figuring out, “Ooh, where did you get that silk scarf from?” or “Does PAX have kimono jackets?” Depends majorly on what colours or patterns I’m lusting over, during a particular season. For instance, all through summer – it was mint, mint, mint, mint. And now I think I’ve gotten a taste for Bordeaux colours like deep burgundy (nails) and cherry wine (lipstick, uh-huh). FYI, black’s an eternal favourite! Off-topic, cream and white are shades I like but I find them so difficult to wear in a city like Bombay, only because of the commuting. :-(

P.S. What are the essentials that form your check-list for the season?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Jar of Hearts

173 Jar of Hearts

There’s soooooooo much that happened in February (apart from my birthday – not that it’s a big deal or something – the cake Val got me was pretty awesome though; I call it The Graveyard Shift)! But, yes – I have SO much to say. The important things first, I’m sorry I haven’t been regularly writing here. I missed this space so much! I’m sorrier for not replying to my e-mails on time { } – yes, that’s the one! My best friend is married. M-A-R-R-I-E-D! But she is, to someone insanely cool whom I love just as much so I think it’s okay. Work is getting a bit cray-cray at the moment, but nothing that has been much too devastating. Ooh, and I’ve found a new train station to love – Dadar (no jokes)! Okay, so normal posting will resume in the first week of March. I have a little make-up box to talk about, some online purchases, Forever 21-loving, and what-not! P.S. I’m very much in ‘like’ with The Mother on How I Met Your Mother – Do you guys follow the show? I recently rekindled my love for it!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes