Prints of Persia

235 Prints of Persia

There’s something to be said of colourful, enchanting patterns… The intricate ones filled with careful details; you know, Arabesque roses, calligraphic swirls, decadent domes, minaret motifs, paisley patterns etc. For me, all of those details speak of design – and that’s what captures my fancy first. Colours, patterns (ooh, Sabyasachi Mukherjee)… I think I’ve said this, before. However, here, I am talking more of the kind that remind you of mehendi patterns or Mughal architecture, something that’s very Persian (magic carpets, anyone?) and/or such, and more specifically… Woodblock printing. (This is not an essay, do not fret!)

For a long time, I’ve been following Honestly WTF (Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny are just so good with recreating fashion in an affordable manner through all of their D.I.Y projects, most of which focus on boxes, clothing, jewellery and such) and recently, been hooked on to this one post (of theirs) on woodblock printing (pretty self-explanatory). The outcome was so pretty (and that yummy pink) that I can’t wait to experiment with the technique on well, cotton fabrics and brown paper. Will be so cool! 

To be fair, I have tried two other of their D.I.Y projects with complete success (a braided hex nut bracelet, and quite a few bow-tie pins); and so I really hope to find some cheaper wooden stamps here in Bombay because I totally suck at bargaining, haggling, whatever… It’s like I want to go to maybe Jaipur or Rajasthan for a vacay, and pick up a box of these babies. ♥

P.S. There’s a related feature on this kind of print palooza coming up, soon! Will be talking about a very, very cool label that focuses on woodblock printing. Okay, don’t let me spill everything… You’ll find out when you find out, okay? FAREWELL, BRO.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, and pictures by Erica Chan Coffman


May the Fourth Be with You

230 May the Fourth Be with You

Okay, it would take me way too long to recollect how many times I have said this over the period of my blog coming into existence but… I do apologise for not writing here, in so long. Nothing of consequence, perhaps, lately… Please forgive me! (Ooh, yeah, it has occurred to me that these apologies are seemingly directed to my blog itself, as opposed to the ones who actually bother reading my posts!) But I shouldn’t grovel too much because that would beat the point of this post, right? Right? Right.

Very late to the party, but attended all four nonetheless – yes, I’m talking about GIRLS on HBO; I started watching the series in March of this year, and Sonaksha and another friend on Twitter made me feel like watching the show properly, this time. (I watched a few episodes it when the show first came out, but dismissed it coldly stating it wasn’t for me or that they were trying too hard or I don’t honestly remember very clearly. The reasons sound dumb, now!) Basically, here are four words. I LOVE THE SERIES! ♥ (This post wasn’t meant to be an ode to GIRLS though I think I’ll continue to illustrate more of my favourite quotes from the episodes, as and when I feel like it.)

Erm, so the force. Yep, I’ve been saying this before, and all over the place… But do what you gotta do. I think you will just resent yourself if you don’t… Do your thing, make your mistakes, just live, and be. Don’t offer advice all the time; and please don’t tell someone what they ought to be doing with their lives. (I’m basically talking to myself, here but what’s new?) Jessa is so inspirational. I love her beliefs! (And she reminds me so much of my ex-roommate, Nandini Velho.) But mostly because what comes out of her mouth is blunt and raw, and true… And her thoughts are constantly evolving. As our minds are. 

I’m trying to stop being Judgmental Janine too, generally – you know sometimes, when that idiotic voice pops up in your head telling you – it’s cool, you’re better than her… ? Don’t do that. It is shitty. And I have gossiped about, grudged and been mean about some folks (mostly, women) whose choices I didn’t like. That’s the thing! We’re free to do what we want. Everyone’s choices are different, you know? That’s all I’m saying… I am no sage. I also, generally feel the force coursing through my veins to make this blog my happy place again (WOW, WAY TO DIGRESS, RO!) and not worry that everything I publish here has to always be a 100% perfect. Inshallah. (Thank you for reading this piece of oddness, you crazies!)

P.S. Also, yes, I like the number four. I think it’s one of my favourites! Weird, eh? So it made sense to have some pun with it. Geddit? Okay, wow, I am lame. Talk to you soon, m’dears!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Little Miss Sunshine

229 Little Miss Sunshine

AARGH, it’s that time of the year again! The weather outside is enough to toast you to a fine crisp (okay, perhaps to a slightly melty, moist version?)… ACK. I haven’t been going out too much but this week demands that I do so I’m dreading the sultry weather. Which kind of made me think, Mama’s got to get herself a bottle of face mist, yep!

Do you have any recommendations? Not very fond of the smell of rose water so other scents ought to do. (I am thinking of checking out the two that The Body Shop has, and see whatever Forest Essentials has, too. Just hope they aren’t too crazy on the expensive scale? Do you use face mists? What do you think? Greed or need… Purge or splurge… With that, I bequeath you with this illustration. I think it’s cute but it looks like a can of paint, innit? Oh bother.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

Easter Promises

228 Easter Promises

There is something I have thought about, and as plain as the months seem, i.e. March and April; they have seen me through some pretty harsh stuff… They have felt like my personal “new years” from ever since I can remember! Okay, and these trying, yet amazingly good times happen to fall around during whenever Easter comes around, and it doesn’t seem like a silly thing to admit, honestly. (BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, BRO!)

Okay, so I am offering up my peace into the universe, blowing some of the yin and yang dust from the palms of my hands into the winds of pattern, hoping they bring you peace, too. Ooh, and thank you divine forces! With time, I will reveal more. (Good writing, on the cards, of the variety that brings one a bit of $$$$; and I completed work on a very, very yummerie illustration for a customer. Will definitely be writing a tell-all post on the illustration here, so you can see everything that I drew for her. Wow, it feels good to believe in yourself, doesn’t it?)

Because maybe you were thinking it, and have I already said this before? I think if you like drawing and illustrating too, and might want to be able to digitally create pieces of art on a slightly moderate level, I think you should order the same tablet that I am using to draw/doodle. (THE BEST 8000 BUCKS EVER SPENT! ER, THIS FROM A GIRL WHO SPENT MORE THAN THAT ON A BOTTLE OF PERFUME ONCE. OKAY, LAST YEAR. MAYBE WE’LL TALK ABOUT THIS LATER?) Every time that I use the tablet to draw, I find the activity equally delightful and frustrating (this is only when my cursive scripts come out looking crappy); and practising will make me somewhat perfect – soon – I hope. For now, feel free to love/hate these handwriting type posts of mine, friends.

P.S. Okay, so the product reviews will be back soon; I haven’t been shooting very much, of late. But there are so many random products (and clothes, accessories, etc.) that I have bought/collected/enjoying/hating/hoarding over the months that I really want to talk about with folks who get it. Erm, you! And yep, there are four new bracelets that will show up in the shop, soon. These, I am too exciiiiited about! :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes