Jupiter Skye is a realm that combines art, colours, design, fashion, illustration, shopping, style etc. as seen by me, Roanna Fernandes. (Some background: I am a writer for the most part, that’s what I started out as, in adult-life; colouring and drawing are childhood loves that I now know how to give meaning to, with what I do… Ooh, and for what it’s worth, I’m a self-made – and er, taught – illustrator, hehe!) Okay, back to the present, so what started out as a mere project for me to learn and write more about fashion (and the various platforms it’s expressed through), I find that my BLOG has grown into so much more since I first brought it to life. Think of Jupiter Skye as a little planet where lots of different (and yet similar) objects and thoughts grow and live together (if I wasn’t doing what I do; for the longest time ever, I have wanted to be an astrophysicist).

Essentially, it will always be a personal + public BLOG where I share my tidbits on exciting shopping finds, places to visit, art and illustration, fashion tastes and style; and in between these posts, I would like to showcase my own fashion (and home) accessories + printables and stationery through my LABEL, Rosecraft. This product, my baby – the Skye, is not fully complete nor is it something definite but I think it’s unique – it’s something that keeps me very happy, and I’d like for you to be a part of Jupiter Skye too. Welcome aboard! ♥

P.S. Do you have your space suit on? Okay. :-)


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