245 Moonrise Kingdom

Sreesha Shetty is one of the few beings whose work I constantly love to talk about (not a secret); I like that the essence of her jewellery label, Shop Lune has stood the test of time (from when she launched her very first collection to now). With all the quartz stones she employs to make the pieces, and/or charms shaped like crescent moons and gold feathers, etc. balanced with a basic, minimal undertone – Sreesha’s jewellery makes me think of the mystical powers of the Moon. Shop Lune as a name then, makes for a deeper connection, you know?

Okay, so the last time I wrote about Shop Lune – Sreesha was working around the clock to set up a website that would make the process of selling, easier. The website has been in existence for more than a few months now, and I recently acquired a lovely, layered necklace (see picture) from one of her current collections. For this feature, I decided it would be nice to not only talk about Miu (the necklace) but also to Sreesha about Shop Lune in general, her upcoming collection and such, and such –

Was there a particular significance behind the name, Miu?

“Miu sounds like meow, almost cat-like and this necklace reminds me of a starry night with the Moon in the background, and a black cat sitting on a pavement staring into space. More like Théophile Steinlen’s 1896 poster of Le Chat Noir. A black cat and the yellow gold background. I know there’s no cat reference in the necklace but cat lovers could wear Shop Lune’s Miu, you can even wear it if you don’t like or have cats!”

(Also, if there were any other thoughts behind making the layered necklaces, etc. They are very pretty!)

“Thanks for the pretty compliment. I really love layering necklaces and this one is best when worn with basics, like a white tee, etc. Also, I like that I can just wear them and know that no one else is going to be wearing them. Plus it has all the elements of what Shop Lune essentially is about. Dreamy, simple, and it has my favourite tones – antique gold and gunmetal; it was fun making these necklaces. I was in Goa when I made them, I don’t think I could have made these in Mumbai.”

Miu, Oona, and some of the other pieces that you shot recently, have a very beachie vibe, compared to your first collection. The photographs make me think of the Goa associated with La Plage or the pristine, whiter beaches there. (Much like the first collection had me thinking of Oxford Market or Portobello Road in London, etc.) Can folks expect a following collection that’s inspired by another city or place that you like?

“That’s a nice way of looking at it. The city I live in definitely influences my collection subconsciously. There’s no conscious effort when I design something. I’ve been in Mumbai long enough now, for almost two years and I think something more industrial, influenced by the city will be seen in my collection for fall which should be out by October.”

I think it is so cool that you worked on creating more pieces of an exactly similar design, though you used to not do that before – I liked that thought too, but this idea is better because I would be sad if there was only one Miu necklace and it got sold out before being able to buy it.

“I make the prototype and sometimes more than one piece of the same style, and the rest is made by my trusty team of karigars. This collection was made in Goa, and I probably just sketched the chain bralette but the rest of the pieces were more impromptu, all made by hand… All my handmade pieces can be made in bulk, now. :-) I just had to figure that bit out, because I would have customers asking me to make them the same pieces.”

How much are you loving selling independently from the Shop Lune website, as opposed to selling to folks through Etsy, Facebook, and/or e-mails?

“I think that having your own website saves you a lot of time. I would have probably just sold on Etsy if I was still living in London. They didn’t have a currency converter for the rupee, and my Indian customers would find it difficult to shop so I was pretty much forced to start a website. I’m glad I did. I’m also happy that I started selling on Etsy as it taught me the basics of writing compelling descriptions, and the importance photography plays in selling products, and about customer feedback, etc. It was like a crash course… Of sorts.”

Will there be any Shop Lune pop-up shops that your customers can look forward to, before the end of the year?

“Yes! NH7 Weekender in Pune, and if you or your blog readers want me to be at a particular pop-up shop, please let me know… I love receiving feedback, suggestions, and to hear from everyone!”


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, and picture by Jane D’Souza


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