La Fenêtre June

237 La Fenêtre JuneOkay, so the LOVE for arched windows continues! And I didn’t think I would be able to draw this for the #LearnToDraw series (those arched domes are difficult shapes to create, would you believe), but the outcome does not seem too bad. What do you think? There were some other options that came to mind when doodling windows (there’s a picture on my Instagram feed) but some of those were rather difficult to draw digitally, I think that this version was easier. Also, this is a random mention but this palette of colours makes me think of Mendl’s and The Grand Budapest Hotel, too. Non?

What else, what else? The inspiration to draw these arches came from a recent visit to Jehangir Art Gallery with Sonaksha (Iyengar) – who came to Bombay a few weeks ago. There was this one artist’s paintings, whose work I was completely enamoured with; and I’m kicking myself for not writing his name down. :-( The paintings that he made were so colourful and rich; the details were unbelievably poetic (and very real). The focus of his paintings were arched windows on old-fashioned buildings; and colourfully dressed women drying clothes out in the open and/or walking to the bazaar in the background, and such and such, etc. DAMN! 


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


4 thoughts on “La Fenêtre June

  1. Okay, I have made it my mission to find out the names of those artists and the one you’re talking about. I’ll tell you if I know.

    Love this cute series. The arch domes look super pretty and the colours remind me of a fancy candy store of sorts. Very happy vibes Ro. I want to try this too. Maybe I will. I’ll show you. :)

    1. Oh, please will you? Tried looking for some of his works online, too, but I was stumped. Couldn’t remember anything! So much for a girl who prides herself on her memorising skills. Gee! Thanks Sonaksha. ♥

  2. Okay, so this is really cute but it kind of reminds me of a candle, I don’t know why, maybe I drew candles like this or something.

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