May the Fourth Be with You

230 May the Fourth Be with You

Okay, it would take me way too long to recollect how many times I have said this over the period of my blog coming into existence but… I do apologise for not writing here, in so long. Nothing of consequence, perhaps, lately… Please forgive me! (Ooh, yeah, it has occurred to me that these apologies are seemingly directed to my blog itself, as opposed to the ones who actually bother reading my posts!) But I shouldn’t grovel too much because that would beat the point of this post, right? Right? Right.

Very late to the party, but attended all four nonetheless – yes, I’m talking about GIRLS on HBO; I started watching the series in March of this year, and Sonaksha and another friend on Twitter made me feel like watching the show properly, this time. (I watched a few episodes it when the show first came out, but dismissed it coldly stating it wasn’t for me or that they were trying too hard or I don’t honestly remember very clearly. The reasons sound dumb, now!) Basically, here are four words. I LOVE THE SERIES! ♥ (This post wasn’t meant to be an ode to GIRLS though I think I’ll continue to illustrate more of my favourite quotes from the episodes, as and when I feel like it.)

Erm, so the force. Yep, I’ve been saying this before, and all over the place… But do what you gotta do. I think you will just resent yourself if you don’t… Do your thing, make your mistakes, just live, and be. Don’t offer advice all the time; and please don’t tell someone what they ought to be doing with their lives. (I’m basically talking to myself, here but what’s new?) Jessa is so inspirational. I love her beliefs! (And she reminds me so much of my ex-roommate, Nandini Velho.) But mostly because what comes out of her mouth is blunt and raw, and true… And her thoughts are constantly evolving. As our minds are. 

I’m trying to stop being Judgmental Janine too, generally – you know sometimes, when that idiotic voice pops up in your head telling you – it’s cool, you’re better than her… ? Don’t do that. It is shitty. And I have gossiped about, grudged and been mean about some folks (mostly, women) whose choices I didn’t like. That’s the thing! We’re free to do what we want. Everyone’s choices are different, you know? That’s all I’m saying… I am no sage. I also, generally feel the force coursing through my veins to make this blog my happy place again (WOW, WAY TO DIGRESS, RO!) and not worry that everything I publish here has to always be a 100% perfect. Inshallah. (Thank you for reading this piece of oddness, you crazies!)

P.S. Also, yes, I like the number four. I think it’s one of my favourites! Weird, eh? So it made sense to have some pun with it. Geddit? Okay, wow, I am lame. Talk to you soon, m’dears!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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