Easter Promises

228 Easter Promises

There is something I have thought about, and as plain as the months seem, i.e. March and April; they have seen me through some pretty harsh stuff… They have felt like my personal “new years” from ever since I can remember! Okay, and these trying, yet amazingly good times happen to fall around during whenever Easter comes around, and it doesn’t seem like a silly thing to admit, honestly. (BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, BRO!)

Okay, so I am offering up my peace into the universe, blowing some of the yin and yang dust from the palms of my hands into the winds of pattern, hoping they bring you peace, too. Ooh, and thank you divine forces! With time, I will reveal more. (Good writing, on the cards, of the variety that brings one a bit of $$$$; and I completed work on a very, very yummerie illustration for a customer. Will definitely be writing a tell-all post on the illustration here, so you can see everything that I drew for her. Wow, it feels good to believe in yourself, doesn’t it?)

Because maybe you were thinking it, and have I already said this before? I think if you like drawing and illustrating too, and might want to be able to digitally create pieces of art on a slightly moderate level, I think you should order the same tablet that I am using to draw/doodle. (THE BEST 8000 BUCKS EVER SPENT! ER, THIS FROM A GIRL WHO SPENT MORE THAN THAT ON A BOTTLE OF PERFUME ONCE. OKAY, LAST YEAR. MAYBE WE’LL TALK ABOUT THIS LATER?) Every time that I use the tablet to draw, I find the activity equally delightful and frustrating (this is only when my cursive scripts come out looking crappy); and practising will make me somewhat perfect – soon – I hope. For now, feel free to love/hate these handwriting type posts of mine, friends.

P.S. Okay, so the product reviews will be back soon; I haven’t been shooting very much, of late. But there are so many random products (and clothes, accessories, etc.) that I have bought/collected/enjoying/hating/hoarding over the months that I really want to talk about with folks who get it. Erm, you! And yep, there are four new bracelets that will show up in the shop, soon. These, I am too exciiiiited about! :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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