Walnutella Street

225 Walnutella Street

As one might be able to tell, I have been doodling/drawing/practising/writing a lot more with my tablet, and it is really fun! Definitely one of the better investments of my life (no matter how inexpensive the tablet actually was), and I would recommend it to all my other illustrator friends out there. ♥ (Eddereenie + Schmoochita)

Okay, also, really grateful to Amrita Rana for bringing dark chocolate walnut butter into all of our lives (mine, mostly)… Wouldn’t have discovered its “wonderfulness,” had she not been selling it through her blog + shop, Life ki Recipe – so yeah! I bought a bottle of it from her two months ago (I think) and the butter really made an impression on my palate. It was just so good! And one thing led to another, discovered a recipe online, and started making bottles of the stuff for everyone at home – all of last month. :-)

Another mention of thanks belongs to Edlyn D’Souza who told me about They Draw & Cook – a website that features illustrated recipes from folks all over the world, submitted my first contribution which was just published – and I aspire to send them another one for the month. Been pushing Eddy to send in some of hers too, she has a beautiful, water-colour vegetable heart that she illustrated on paper sometime ago but yes… I hope she does because she is the one who introduced me to They Draw & Cook in the first place! And she has original recipes to contribute, unlike adapted ones like me. (Also, dang, this girl is a cool cat.)

P.S. This post was about gratitude! Ooh, and you can view my complete submission on the They Draw & Cook, here – it looks okay, and I need to still figure out the colouring-in scenes as opposed to filling outlines in using the Paint Bucket Tool on Photoshop, you know? I do feel really grateful to Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell for publishing it, let’s hope that this will translate/transpire to more goodness for me. Too self-absorbed? Other than that, I am mostly well. How are you, friend?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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