Cinnamon City

221 Cinnamon City

Ah, feels like Christmas is finally over… ! NOW. Oh well! Minila Louisa (who gave me the idea for this post) is one of the other people besides me who is going to be missing the cheery festival more than ever… We are weirdos. Cool weirdos, though! There’s much that I will miss: Cold and winter-ish days, sweaters, hot cocoa, LOVE, Christmas sweets, December, shopping, wrapping presents under the tree, listening to Christmas carols the whole day, discussing what movies to watch on THE DAY, blah blah blah blah. In fact, I decided not to be so glum about it so I finally gave in and ordered the very same tea I once gave away; it’s delicious, smells oh-so-wonderful and those darling cinnamon bits swirling around in the golden liquid – JINGLE ALL THE WAY, OOH HOORAY! Okay bye, I can sense you are closing this window, please come back tomorrow, or in a few days? I will see you soon. And if you are missing Christmas – shall we share a moment then? Farewell…


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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