The Proposal

219 The Proposal

This is part of something that I am working on, and I promise I will divulge more details soon… For now, just please follow me on Tumblr at and everything will be clear! (This is my proposal to you… HEH.) How are you? How have you been doing? I feel rather good, been re-watching a lot of inspiring movies lately – Celeste and Jesse Forever and Persepolis – and talking to a lot of lovely people (S & T) on the interwebz. (Also, best friends in real life, Minila Louisa – Thinking of NINA, a loooot lately! Wink, wink for you know who you are.) 

Everyone has been getting engaged, married and having babies all over the place, have they not? Good times for them, and slightly contemplative (and complicated) times for us indifferent ones. Lots of LOVE to you peoples! My best friend will complete one year with her long-time lover next month… Whoa, time flies! I came across a piece on Pugly Pixel that made me smile and think, “Not the only one!” Read it if you would like, it’s about cutting out being-on-social-media-channels from your life. For now, I have been able to give up Facebook for the better… I hope it stays that way, because it does not help me (or my mental state, more so) in any way. (PERSONALLY + PROFESSIONALLY) How about you? Let me what you have been up to… ?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


3 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Haaaaai Roanna. Your illustrations are the cutest.
    I’ve been dying to watch Persepolis. I’ve heard the book is brilliant.

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