The Notebook

217 The Notebook

As is tradition, every January (feels special when it’s a new year) – I have to buy myself a pretty, new journal or notebook… Because it feels like a fresh start, and I love doodling and writing down things – so it just feels much nicer when you have a lovely book to jot down what you’re thinking – in. This year, I haven’t picked up any books yet because I haven’t found any in the city that have struck my fancy except for this beautiful set online by Rifle Paper Co., aptly titled Vintage Blossoms – ooh, how I lovelovelovelove Anna’s works!

This is what they say about the notebooks on the Rifle Paper Co. website that mildly excited me, “The notebooks feature lay-flat binding, a high quality binding process that allows the pages to stay flat while you’re writing or sketching.” Coveting these books for now because they might be slightly expensive to order (with shipping, etc.) but um, you never know… I might just cave in and order them a little before my birthday. (Okay, fairly certain that I’m gonna do that. I’m an idiot! Where do you usually buy your colourful/pretty notebooks and journals from?)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


2 thoughts on “The Notebook

  1. You’re not an idiot!!! I love journals like the one you posted! I have only bought myself Moleskine notebooks recently. I write everything in them even my recipes and other silly notes.

    1. I really thought I would order these, and then realised it might be silly to! (Because of the shipping charges, etc.) A friend of mine gave me a Moleskine notebook for my birthday, and it really is lovely. Collected a few other journals over the past two months so I am good for now; there’s one notebook perfect for you (India-related, not from Chumbak) which I would give you if you happen to come down, or were here. :-)

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