Reindeer Games

210 Reindeer Games

This week has begun on a bit of a rather dreary (and dull) note, has it not? Or is it just me… Thought everyone could collectively use a little cheer, and speaking of which – you definitely do not want to miss the next post (oh yes, it is what you think it is). !!!! Oh pooh, don’t cringe at my over-use of the exclamation point. Befitting! (And you will understand soon, young grasshopper.)

#LearnToDraw posts have been happening quicker than you could say Christmas, am I right? (Also, revamped the lettering slightly.) What do you think of this one? This friendly fellow has on a carmine onesie, he’s little and really wanted to sport a red nose when he asked me if I could please draw him… The antlers are painted in a similar shade of red; a very animal-friendly pot of tint. And he really, really wanted to pass on some holiday cheer to you, you, you and you. (Erm, he could also be my Frankenweenie-lookalike doggie dressed up as a reindeer especially for the festive season.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes



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