Double, Double Oil and Bubble

206 Double, Double Oil and Bubble

Ooh, so it feels like Christmas is in the air, does it not? Not that this product smells like the festive season, however it does smell rather wonderful. Another beauty product to make this series, I could not think of a more befitting time to talk/gush about/over this heavenly scrub from The Body Shop – Thanks to Debasree’s video (of All She Needs fame; who is also a fellow loyalist of The Body Shop), the Wild Argan Oil range has been all I can think about for the past couple of days, to tell you truthfully.

Of course, I had to go to the store to see for myself what was so GOOOOD about this fragrant range, and I did. Bought the body lotion, then (could not resist, smells addictive, and to be fair, it was Rs. 695) and well, the scrub wasn’t too expensive (but it kind of is, for me, right now) so I did not get that. The lotion itself makes me feel like a desert dream! (Erm, I know this is weird! Actually, it doesn’t even make sense but I just LOVE alliterations.)

And I am a believer of layering scents, so I think this body scrub would be a fabulous product to own, this. No more rough elbows for ME! Totally got to get my paws on this, before the stock at all stores is O-V-E-R. The sales assistant did mention that the range is of the limited edition variety, shucks.

P.S. These views are completely honest, and my own! Would have been nothing short of magical to have this post sponsored, but it wasn’t. Back to this scrubbie, if you are thinking of treating yourself this season (Come on, I know you want to!), get something that you are most likely to use from the Wild Argan Oil range. Take a sniff of the stuff for sure, might not be to your liking. (To me, it smells slightly Moroccan oil-ie, cocoa-ish, sweet but expensive, luxurious, like a coffee cream or something. Very wintry!)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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