Carousel in the City { GIVEAWAY }

204 Carousel in the City { GIVEAWAY }

Like was promised to you – and this post will mark – giveaway#3 on the blog, yep – there’s a sweet present to be WON! This one applies to everyone who wants to enter – from within the country. Collaborated with a lovely girl from Pune, Twisha Maniar, who creates and paints objects for Carousel; Carousel is her own label which was conceptualised about 2 years ago, and she focuses completely on customisation of her products when it comes to the orders that she takes from customers. From the minute she connected with me some weeks ago, I knew this would be a really cute giveaway – What do you think? Because I’ve been thankful to the love I have been receiving since I started to publicise this blog some more, the two years gone past have been more than wonderful. Some thanks for you comes in the form of this beautiful box painted by Twisha herself, and wait, so here’s what you have to do if you wish to win it…

What’s in the Box?

1. NOTHING! The BOX is what you are going to win, silly. (Sorry, was trying to be cute.) So it’s set in a square shape, and I believe it would be perfect for those of you who can’t ever have enough of dainty, lacquered jewellery boxes.

2. Favourite feature? Twisha was gracious enough to let me create and conceptualise a pattern/print for the box; so it’s all her handiwork, and some of my brain juice. Told you, her customising properties are tops! (Confetti prints are my trademark! Copied the rainbow stripes from a pattern she had worked on previously for another customer.)


The rules are simple! (This giveaway is for Indian residents, only.)

1. Comment here on what excites you about/why you would like to win this dainty box.
2. Follow Carousel on both Facebook & Instagram; this is not optional either. :-)

(Brownie points will be awarded to you if you are to ‘Like’ my page on Facebook, and/or follow me on Instagram, HEH.)

What happens after?

I’ll choose ONE winner in exactly ten days, from now – save the date – November 20 is when this contest comes to an end! As soon as I announce the winner – which will either be on my Facebook or Instagram page (and through an e-mail, perhaps) – please write back to me with your postal address and phone number right away. (Will share the contact details with Twisha who will directly post the present across to you, then.)

The “Fourth Year of Festivities” remains yours for taking! Giveaway-gift-makin’.

{ Carousel, also, has a set of pre-painted objects for sale in the form of chalkboard frames, metal boxes, paper votive-holders, serving trays and so much more. This means that you can order from her existing collections, apart from requesting to have something custom painted. To be honest, I would rather opt for a custom-made product from Twisha only because the process is easy and plenty of fun. The result of which created this giveaway! Farewell. }


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, and picture by Twisha Maniar



17 thoughts on “Carousel in the City { GIVEAWAY }

  1. Its such a cute box. Who wouldn’t like to win it? :) Plus it would come so much in handy when relatives pop up suddenly and I have all mY jewellery pieces messed up I can store in them phataphat. :p :) so I would totally love to win it. :)

  2. Hey, first to tell you that is a super cute giveaway. Who wouldn’t love to win this box yeah? I mean it’s just so CUTEEEE!❤️ In love with it. I would love to win it, to pamper my accessories by keeping them in this super cute box! Little crazy, but yeah that’s what this box has made me. Hope to winnnnnnnnnnnn it❤️❤️

  3. I love that you chose to give away something collaborative. It’s made by Twisha (who seems seriously talented!) but also has ‘you’ in it. You know how much I love your confetti business cards! Done all of the entries :)

  4. Hey Roanna! I must say you there could be no one more cuter than you, it proves from the stuff which you give in your giveaways. I mean how adorable this box is? Which girl wouldn’t love to own this? I want to win this, coz I have never seen a jewellery box more cuter than this! Would love to keep my stuff in this box and yea to show it off to my sister too!:P That’s bad? But she owns many jewellery boxes and does not share it with me!:( I have followed all the steps, including the bonus entries!:-) So I just wish luck is there with me!:-)

  5. Hi Roanna, I came by your giveaway from Bhumikas instafeed. I’ve liked both your and Carousel’s fb and instagram pages. You both have beautiful conteny there.

    This ‘pretty thing’ is not just a box, its a thing of joy. One meant to bring a happy feeling in a heart and a smile on the face whenever used or even seen. Should I win it, it would be one of my favorite possessions and would house all my precious and dearest trinkets, to be loved and cherished for a very long time.

  6. This is such a cute box! And I agree with Magali here. How awesome is it to create something so amazing for this giveaway. If I win this I’d keep it on my desk and use it for some knick knacks. This would surely add some cheer to my room! I mean just looking at the box makes you feel good.

    P.S. Followed all the entries including bonus ones 😊

  7. Pretty boxes and storage tins give me some kind of boxgasm! Haha. I can never have enough of these and thank you for introducing Carousel to us. They have such dainty little things. And the design is just you :) Precious little confetti :’)

  8. This is something very silly but You know what the heck, I’ll put it out anyway cuz I louuu this box way too much.
    So a. when I was small, I had this slam book with a cover page of a box if chocolate and it read: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get. It sounds really lame now but I lived up that line in my heart. I saved all the boxes that i came across, including chocolate, dresses, shoeboxes and all. I’d specially love the tins and paint them. Over time I kept putting things in it.
    There would be one day when I’m looking for one thing and find other joyful things in those boxes – coffee bills with messages, wrappers, shells and what not. I loved those boxes cux they managed to surprise me every single time I opened them.
    My boxes are now pretty much defined just like life, I know which one has accessories, spices or bills. When I looked at this confetti design box (OMG cutest design ever) I felt like a kid again. Hence the contest entry :)
    Way to go Roanna. Love all the love you putting into your blog. Very inspiring.
    Much love,
    Amrita Rana 😘

  9. Hey! Roanna,

    This is am amazing collaboration, where cuteness meets more cuteness.. it’s so pretty.. I’ve been awwwwwing from the time I saw it…I would love to soon this pretty cute Lil box.. so that everybody who looks at it can also awww it with jealously..(it’s ok to make people jealousy once in awhile) would love to flaunt this prettyness on my desk.. N yes! It does show the care you guys have put in to build this Lil baby..great stuff ladies!
    N off course all the step done ;)

  10. Hi Roanna,
    I’m completely in the Christmassy spirit already. Its a tradition in our family that we send Christmas cards to family & friends. I treasure every card I get. usually they go into shoe boxes. Never got down to doing up the boxes. Every year we go through our old cards & also kill silver fish in the process! Its just a such time. When i saw this box, I thought it would be great to keep Christmas cards and other miniature Christmas stuff and it would look amazing under the tree.
    Merry Christmas in advance.

  11. I loved the generously sprinkled colours on the accessory box. The pattern is an extension of you…Collaborative idea is a great way to go about with it Roanna. Prettiful indeed it is, and contains a lot of love I’m sure! Had to follow the rules for this one 😉

  12. Hey Roanna, this is such a beautiful giveaway! Such a treat to ones eye. For me it is just not a box but a box filled with joy! Twisha was gracious enough to you for letting you conceptualise and you are being so gracious to your well wishers for giving one of us and opportunity to own it. This is such a cute and a heart pleasing box. Following carousel was a mandatory entry but even if hadn’t been, it became mandatory for me to follow it, for the beautiful work, to explore how talented that girl is. Now realizing the importance of art. I am getting married, so for me this would be my most favorite possession, which I will cherish for my entire life and beyond. Thankyou and may the best one win. Good wishes and happiness to you and twisha both. Following all the rules and even the bonus ones.

  13. Hi Ro….:-)
    Little Zeen here;-)..
    Sorry that I’ve replied so late….
    Anyway, this giveaway, firstly, is something really considerate on your part…secondly, Twisha, you are an amazing and talented girl and i feel more proud of u ’cause im from Pune too:-)…
    I would like to win this lil box, firstly, because it would remind me of u (Roanna):-). Secondly, if you like it as much as i do, i’d probably give it to u♡.. Anyway, I do have many trinket-boxes but as it is rightly said, a girl can never have enough!.. This is somethin that i would cherish n would keep alot of little accessories and trinkets n little collectibles in it, n mayb one day my kids could find this box and probably think they are on some mission to find out somethin abt me;-)..u know, a tipical movie-plot…
    Anyway..enough of jibber jabber..Glad i could be a part of this giveaway… Thanks.. God bless

  14. That’s a awesome giveaway.. I will say a very hatke giveaway ;) one thing I love in her work is the cuteness a and the finishing of the product which is so perfect. I don’t want to win I really really want to win this pretty cute box. This box is like a dream box where I can keep all my beautiful and precious item which I don’t want to loose. It’s like to keep my all precious and valuable item. It can be my little jewellery it could be my notes or letters which I got from my Mr. R. These pretty little and precious things I will keep in this cute box. This pretty box is a perfect to keep all my memories in it. Apart from my love with this box. I will appreciate the work twisha such a creative and cute work she is coming up with kudos to Twisha.

  15. I broke into a big, fat smile when I first saw this because I wanted to eat it! It’s like soft candy! Thank you Roanna and Twisha for this creation. The colours soothe with their soft and cottony tones while the confetti puts me into a celebration mode. In this only one thing I will store. Love stories. In metal and paper. Like a pair of handmade turquoise earrings I picked up from Colaba after overcoming a very trying phase in life, that handwritten letter by a crazy friend who sprayed it with perfume in the hope it stays scented forever, bejewelled hair clips as a gift from London by the sister who knew I wanted them so bad… The box brims with love already and I’d love to have it!

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