Sweet November

203 Sweet November

Forest green is the colour of my heart, this November! I suppose, it’s a blend between a warm summer and wintery autumn; yes, it’s that shade of green. Not envy, not sick! Pure, fresh, fragrant, resuscitating… Okay, so here’s the thing! And also, it seems like all I ever do is mope, mope, mope, mope. Not a secret? I want to be better at life. Be social when required. Be there for folks. I want to do more with my time. Sometimes I feel like everything’s slipping away… Out of my grasp, and I can stop it. BUT, I won’t. This feels like one of those awful days. Pangs of guilt. Boredom looming around like a dark cloud. Dramatic thoughts. I’m falling and failing, and should be concerned. This is a vow! Promise to not feel ashamed anymore. Will rise out of this self-pity, and be better. P.S. I will be better! Watch the blog, please? Reading a few good books, and I have some painting to do – this week. Also, a wedding sketch – TODAY. Nearly done, but have been procrastinating. Bye, friends!

NOTE: Watch out, because there is a giveaway coming your way, and this one should be a lot of fun! Also, it marks my third one on this particular planet. Collaborated with a label that focuses on handmade lovelies! Conceptualised a design that will be painted on the prezzie to be won. Oh, have I said too much? Just wait, and see! 


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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