Through the Woods

202 Through the Woods

Lately, I’ve been devouring graphic novels by the minute! Seriously, can’t seem to get enough of them and it only helps fulfill my book challenge for this year (you know, how many books I’ll read by the end of the year, and all that… ). Of course, so when I spotted this grotesque gem on the feed of jasjyotjasjyot on Instagram, I went like, WOWZA!!!! GOTS TO GET THIS, DUUUUDE. (And I’m a boring dud in real life. Like srsly.) 

Ordered it through my favourite website (which I usually turn to) to make such joyous transactions (no prizes for guessing), and the book reached me a day before October 31. Wahoo!!!! Almost preserved it for a day, and tried to for a few more hours as well because, I mean, LOOK AT IT! IT’S SO BEAUT! But curiosity got the better of me like all the cats in all the famous stories and I got a peek, turned a few more of the glossy pages (they smell so wonderful) and before you know it, all the stories in it were over. #Crie

Truly a treasure, I’m going to read this book every time I fancy a creepy, midnight caper or something, and heck knows why I hadn’t bothered to hear of or inform self of the living presence of EMILY CARROLL. I guess I’m just stupid. Yeah, let’s go with that. Thanks Jasjyot, for leading me to this treasure! ♥

P.S. When I was a little girl, I always wished my parents or a cool auntie/uncle would gift me things like books, crafts, D.I.Y kits or, uh, okay, Barbie related dolls and toys (a swimming pool set, the mermaid one that came with a bottle of glitter lotion etc.) so yeah, if you know anyone who knows anyone who wants to get their children something cool for Christmas (this year) especially if the little kiddo is a nerd (NERDS ARE COOL!!!!), get them this book. Or Anya’s Ghost, that’s cool, too. Be cool, parents. Be cool. Okay, bye! It’s so much fun when I get to talk nonsense on my blog. Who’s reading?


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes


5 thoughts on “Through the Woods

  1. I went to this tiny festival called Short Run Press on Saturday and I got to see so many zines and self-published/indie graphic novels. I think you could totally make something like this on a small budget.

    1. It’s on my list, Eddy, for this year… :-) I will do it. If I don’t, someone must slap me senseless and throw ice-cubes at my belly… ! Well, not a graphic novel but something similar. Btw, I finally ordered a drawing tablet. :-D

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