201 Pumpkinhead

Of course you don’t remember the last time I created one of these! (It was er, ages ago. And if you do remember, wow, OMG, you rock.) It wasn’t that I terminated the series just that I couldn’t think anymore, and find fun ones to do but it’s back, and what do you think? Huh. Huh? UH-HUH. Uh-huh? Suppose the brown paper bag could look a little cuter, eh? Well, 4 points to me for trying. Enough, let me know in the comments below? And lest you steal this piece of mine, I’ll come and haunt you, you nasty little (what rhymes with mine?) SWINE! Turn you into a toad, and wish you ill-a-load. Okay. Bye! Happy Halloween.

P.S. I found out – Nay, remembered – that when I was in the fifth or seventh grade, I had a habit of drawing out food and desserts (creamy bottles of milk, cherry cake etc.) as written about in Enid Blyton books! Yep, and when I looked at the drawings, they are so similar to what I make now. Can I say that I wanted to be an artist/creator/doodler/illustrator ever since I was little? For when I get interviewed, you know. I can, okay? Okay, I will. Sorry, I like to ramble.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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