Polka Dots and Moonbeams

199 Polka Dots and MoonbeamsOkay, so the editing here is not crisp… Not very much. I tried something new, and was trying to achieve a vintage + light edit… Let’s say that! It sounds cooler. Thought this could be an infrequent series on the blog depending on as and when I really feel that “favourite factor, you know? Spotted this beaut at PAX where we stopped by after attending the Parvati Villa event, yesterday (yep, dragged the sister too + got to custom make my own Kolhapuri wedges at the elaborate store, but more on that later).

This is a swing dress from ASOS (meant for a tall person, assuming from the label on it); and is covered in polka dots. (For me, a sha-sha-shaw-shaw-shawty, it works as a sweet midi dress.) Could not resist! Picked it up for Rs. 550, uh-huh which is just the caramelised cherry on top of this vanilla cone. I might have to alter the straps and wear it with a lace bralette (for experimentation purposes) or with um, this black crop top worn over it. From KOOVS! What do you think? Cute, or should I just shut up already and act… Mute. Heh-heh. Okay, that was pretty lame. Sorry, folks. What’s been your favourite find of the week-that-has-been?

P.S. The picture was taken using a baby pink bed sheet as a curtain (for the background), hung over a wall parapet. 


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


3 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Moonbeams

  1. Gah so pretty! Pax is such a treasure trove. I was such a loyal Pax girl when I was in college. Colaba used to be my go to happy place. It still is…but I’ve lost my bargain hunting skills! *le sigh*

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