Truth or Bear

197 Truth or BearEver since bhane. revealed that they were working on an accessory line (sometime ago), I was pretty much hooked! Well, intrigued, I suppose. (Magali knows how much!) Then, I randomly started spotting pieces of their jewellery on an Instagram account of one (or two) of their employees + in an ELLE cover feature with Kiran Rao (sometime in August; the jewellery was launched recently on the website). Opinions, opinions (okay, my two paise) on the collection: I think it’s interesting that they’ve stuck to what they’re about – Basic, Clear, Minimalist, Wearable. I think they have a real thing going on here i.e. with the introduction of origami jewellery (the brooch pins are such a WIN!), and the dainty delicates – the arrow bracelet + necklace and the DOT pendant (and brooch pin, might I add) and not forgetting the midi ring sets – We want more of those. At least, I do.

I’m not certain how excellent/or not the quality will be over a period of time, but I’m very much buying this bear pin as soon as I hit “Publish”, I think. Oh, and it’s actually a boar pin – I’m calling it a bear because I like bears and this looks like one and it makes me think of/instantly reminds me of one of the constellations I really like – the Big Dipper, and then Ursa Major, if you may. What do you think of their jewellery? (Also, this pin is available to shop for, priced at Rs. 900.) // Other interesting news: Working on a separate set of business cards for myself. Don’t worry, the confetti ones will continue! I just like variation, c’est al.

P.S. SPOILER ALERT: This post wasn’t sponsored! I do really like their collection; it’s interesting and very much what bhane. is about – generally. Wish there were an introductory discount though, hahaha, but YEP! Can’t wait to possess one of these fellows. Let me know if you plan to get your paws on any… The squirrel’s quite fancy, too.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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