196 Oktoberfest

Oh, I am just thrilled that October is here! It’s one of my favourite months, and I am going to make sure I make good on all of the promises to myself and well, to others. But self-improvement is of essence so the rest comes later. How are you today? I hope well. I’ve gotten my groove back (when it comes to this planet), and I have just read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (cannot wait enough for the MOVIE) – not sure why I had to share that in the same breath. Wahoo! Okay, also, there should be a few reviews coming up covering: The Body Shop, Kronokare, possibly a What’s in My Bag? post and maybe one of those Currently Coveting ones. – Nothing’s sponsored! I just told you, just got my groove back y’all. (Please don’t steal this artwork, and post it as yours? But share it if you would like, and send over some credit where it’s due. I love you! I told you, October is one of my favourite-st months. Farewell, friends.)

P.S. Another good book that deserves an infinite round of applause is Habibi by Craig Thompson; just the cure for depressed illustrators, I would say? Read it, okay? I will be fabric shopping, soon. Got any good leads (Bombay)? I so wish I lived in Delhi. Or London, for that matter. Send me magical vibes, yougaiz!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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