Laws of Attraction

193 Laws of Attraction

Okay, I promised I would have an explanation for you! (Read the previous post, for some background.) And the words you will read are ones I wrote when I was in a weird, emotional slump but I am very, very okay now. Decided to publish this post anyway because didn’t want to seem dishonest. So there! Also, the question above is one I ask with candor, with a grin on my face… As I am curious. Genuinely! Tell you what I think, that I’ll have this BLOG forever. But is that too presumptuous of me? That’s why, tell me about your babies and what you think of them, where they will be, how they would grow, etc. Sorry to get all interview-ie on you.

And now, here’s the emotional slumping (written two days ago + saved it as a draft): Well, most of it! (Don’t hate!) Put it in quotes for your benefit. Too much of blah-blah, and gah-gah but couldn’t bring myself to scrap some sentences for the sake of being true to one’s self. 

“There’s so much I want to do with this space but once again, I feel at a loss of words! (Even considered playing on the words in the title and calling the post, Loss of Attraction.) For the longest time ever, I haven’t been able to write, here. Haven’t been taking pictures of the products I’ve bought, all of my new clothes, shoes, nothing, NADA. Why? It’s the worst sort of emotional slump, taking abode in my brain and body. I think it will change, soon. I can’t not write, anymore, right? It happens to the best of us. I think! How are you? Ooh, btw, I am proud to say that I have edited and added details for all the PAGES on my blog. Good work on my part, yes?

Which reminds me, need to post some work too that I’ve done (PRESENT DAY: As you can see, I’ve done that already!), and terribly LOVE. (Chanced upon a delightful writer by the name of Rainbow Rowell at Crossword, last weekend! Didn’t pick up a book by HER though I desperately wanted to, the mother-ship would have murdered me. But yes, downloaded a few of her works online. Reading Attachments which is unfolding really, really nicely. Let’s see what happens, eh?)”

P.S. Finished reading the book, and I highly recommend it! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Juice magazine by JABONG, there’s an artwork I made for them that resides on page 38. Ooh, and it’s the issue with Sonakshi Sinha on the COVER! One more last thing, sorry to inform you but I have decided to temporarily discontinue the typeface series on the BLOG. Couldn’t bring myself to work on it, and I kept putting it off only to realise I was simply too bored to continue with it as a series anymore. Forgive me, dear friends! Take care.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


2 thoughts on “Laws of Attraction

  1. Such a cute post. :) I don’t think it’s presumptuous at all, Ro! I can’t speak for you, but when it comes to me I know that blogging will change & evolve but I don’t see myself ever quitting. I hope that Jupiter Skye can be that for you too – a perfect alter ego that evolves as you do. You’ve done it so many years so there’s no reason to think you’ll stop in the future.
    Emotional Slumps & writers blocks happen to everyone. I just try distracting myself with another hobby & soon enough I get my mojo back.

    1. Magali!!!! I was just talking about you to my friend, Sonaksha… We were talking about this whole blogging debacle, and then I arrived at this post, and saw that I never even replied to this comment. WHOA! Idjit alert, if at all. How are you? I’m gonna get me a dose of some blue skies, and calm seas, if you know what I mean. ;-)

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