Juice of My Heart

192 Juice of My Heart

There will be a proper explanation (of sorts) in regard to my absence from the BLOG! But for now, I hope you will take the time to revel in this piece of work that’s very close to my heart. Created this illustration for The Juice by JABONG – it’s a print magazine dedicated to interpreting fashion in a friendlier manner (you can read it online, too) that they have recently launched; I’m already a fan, and so I contacted them some time ago asking for a head’s up on interesting projects. This is the first one that came my way, and it was something I was especially pleased to work on! Totally proud of this artwork, what do you think? (This one illustrates the contents-slash-insides of designer, Priyadarshini Rao’s handbag!)

P.S. When do you get the chance to flip through this month’s edition (Sonakshi Sinha is on the COVER!), turn to page 38, and you’ll see this baby. Eep, sooo excited! Thank you, Aditi (Sharma) of The Juice for making this happen! Truly grateful. Woo. :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


4 thoughts on “Juice of My Heart

  1. I have seen a lot of “What’s in my bag” posts, and this one is the best! so innovative, creative and pretty! I know you designed this for Juice, but I think you can start an illustrative series of your own “What’s in my bag series” for your blog. :)

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