A Skye Full of Stars

190 A Skye Full of Stars

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I wrote here! No, seriously. It has been quite a while for me to not even have an inkling of what’s going on with this space. I don’t have a great, big explanation – just have been mentally occupied with work and in a relaxed state of mind during the weekends, in the process – I suppose I took a mini-vacation from my blog, itself. I didn’t feel as horrible about it as I usually do, I mean I definitely missed writing here but I was too pooped in the brain to care. Besides, inspiration was lacking. (I didn’t want to write posts for the sake of publishing them!) I decided I would come back only when I had some time off from it, good ideas and better promises on making this space “ah-mazing”.

And now I’m here! Back to where I started. Well, mostly. I feel excited, and lovely, and good to be here! I’ve also decided something. Two somethings! I need to craft a Rate Card for my work (This includes all the artworks and illustrations that I usually undertake on a commission basis, for home-made businesses and other folks.) and er, for my blog, too (If there are good collaborations I wouldn’t mind doing, that come my way… Let’s see! This bit is still a thought.). Yes! Let’s clink to new things. There’s a lot more on my mind right now, but putting it all down on paper… er, public paper, is slightly risqué so I’m shutting up, now. Thanks for reading! (And for taking part in the Charmed giveaway. The winner is Mishana Khot! Announced it on my Facebook and Twitter pages a few weeks ago. I’m confident of hosting a few more giveaways this year, so I hope you’ll take part in those, too?)

P.S. Ghost Stories is my favourite, new Coldplay album, as you can probably tell. The names of the tracks, and artworks, are what caught my attention. Good stuff! Listen to A Sky Full of Stars and Magic first, if you can. Perfect sounds for my magical, monsoon mind. #AlliterationAlert #GoodGawd


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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