Crop Dead Gorgeous

189 Crop Dead Gorgeous

Crop tops! (Do you remember them from the late nineties? Thinking of Madonna now, and those smoky+sultry, leather bustiers she used to carry off way back then; Shania Twain, too, in slender tees showing off her beautiful, silky torso. HOT!) I think the fashion councils of the world came up with a new term for it though, and I’m not biiiig on the history actually but I really am digging  c r o p  t o p s. I bought a very cute and colourful ikat one from Topshop at PAX about two years ago. Best decision ever! :-)

And recently, I picked up TWO crochet+lace ones from Forever 21 a few months ago (I think they still have them if you want to check!). Don’t own a perfectly sculpted bod yet, but I think I can work them with sheer basics (or a denim shirt, if I ever get adventurous). High-waist skinnies look really good with crop tops too (which are perfect for chubsters like myself!); my favourite way to wear one would be with an oversize denim shirt, black ‘tuck-your-tummy-in’ skinnies, leather brogues (or boots), a messy top-knot and a vintage backpack! They’re just really my favourite NEW basic of the moment. 

P.S. Think I could get my own crop top made? I would want to the use the pattern I created here. Do you like it? Peek harder, and you can see those little evil eye motifs. Oh, and have you entered giveaway#2, yet? Details here! Enter away, friends.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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