The Gift of La Magie { GIVEAWAY }

188 The Gift of La Magie { GIVEAWAY } - 2Okay, giveaway # 2, here we come! This one applies to everyone who wants to enter – in the country (if you are overseas and want to enter, and have a friend here in the country who can collect your goodie for you – then by all means, enter away!). But I’m counting my cookies before they come out of the oven! This giveaway is themed after my favourite show of the moment, Charmed; I’ve been re-watching all the seasons. (Contains a bit of magic, aye!)

What’s in the Box?

1. The Gypsy Necklace from Rosecraft by Roanna Fernandes (giggle-giggle, yeah, that’s me!). (This is a necklace holding a gypsy charm that I’ve created. There are a few more of the same variety, which I hope to sell – at some point.)

2. Message in a Bottle – A delicate vial (that looks a lot like a potion bottle) I bought at Al-Zamil Stores when I was in The Kingdom, a month before the last; of course, I’ll be adding a personal touch for that Charmed effect. (If you’re into that sort of thing!)

3. A Pointing Crystal Necklace from Lune by Sreesha Shetty. (Far by, my favourite! Ordered an amethyst crystal+quartz necklace from Sreesha Shetty for which this magical giveaway would have been incomplete without! Especially this ONE, that’s somewhat similar to the one they use on Charmed when scrying for magical beings, or witches.

4. Rustic wooden jewellery tray from Dhoop – An old-fashioned, wooden container shaped like the stump of a tree (well, somewhat); I’ve painted the containing hollow with matte gold for a magical effect. Would this be something that interests you?


The rules are simple! This giveaway is for Indian residents, only. International giveaways, commencing soon.

1. Comment below saying why you would want to win this (THIS ISN’T OPTIONAL, SADLY! Well, d-uh.), and tell me your current favourite supernatural/witchcraft-ish book/magazine/movie/show of the moment (this part is optional!). Okay, so my comments are moderated – don’t fret if you don’t see yours published immediately! (And please don’t forget to add your e-mail address in the details box so I have yours saved on my system; I’ll need it to get in touch.)

2. For brownie points – feel free (well, not really, hahaha!)  to ‘Like’ my page on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter! :-)

What happens after?

I’ll choose ONE winner in exactly two weeks, from now – save the date – June 24 is when this contest comes to an end! As soon as I announce the winner – which will either be on my Facebook or Twitter page (and through an e-mail, perhaps) –  please write back to me with your postal address and phone number right away. I’ll mail the package across then, immediately through speed post!

The “Fourth Year of Festivities” is yours for taking! Giveaway-gift-makin’. Good luck!


Artwork & Picture by Roanna Fernandes


16 thoughts on “The Gift of La Magie { GIVEAWAY }

  1. I want to win this because that Gypsy Necklace looks too tempting! I definitely want to add that to my jewellery box! >.< Plus I love Lune, always been a fan of quirky boho jewellery! And sadly the only supernatural show I LOVED was LOST and then I completely gave up hope! :/ But YES please make me win this ;)

  2. Hi,

    I would love to win this giveaway firstly because gypsy charm and the Crystal Necklace from Lune by Sreesha Shetty all sounds very magical and i love magic.. So would love to win this magical giveway and bring some charm for myself.. and the Rustic wooden jewellery tray will surely be a treasure since i love collecting and taking care of antiques. supernatural/witchcraft book is harry Potter, Movie currently would be the twilight series and show has to be Vampire Diaries.. Just love vampires and witches to the core… Hope to get lucky.. please shower some love on me..


  3. I’m usually a VERY ungirly person (I don’t like jewellery), but this is love! Absolute love. <3

    It's super pretty and I'd love to own it someday. *hint hint*

    Plus I own a lot of kurtis now, and this would go really well with them! :D

  4. I have to have these, especially the necklace and the vial thingy – they’d be the perfect sprinkle of magic dust over life. I think if we don’t have a little magic and a little colour in our lives, we forget how to wonder like we used to as kids, with open mouths and wide eyes, and that’s what keeps us awake inside. Right now, my favourite supernatural/magical book is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Ooh, and I’ve been gobbling up the magical realism books of Sarah Addison Allen. You’d love them too!

  5. Dammit. Lavanya Narayan stole my answer. :P Kinda.

    I think I should win this giveaway because I am a jewellery freak (I have a drawer full of it) but most of it is handpicked or at the very least pre-approved by someone else before it makes it to my lair of sparkly (I got a handpicked neck piece in there from Lune Goddess Sreesha herself). I don’t honestly completely trust myself with putting together awesome stuff, so winning this means I get it assembled by a kitsch jewellery expert (is this enough brownie point material for you) ;)

    As for the supernatural movie, I think my best is and will always be The Sixth Sense. I remember vividly everything about watching that movie for the first time and how shocked I was by the end. Watched it a second time and it was like watching a whole new movie. Totally. Worth. It.

    Ok, I go now.

  6. I should win because I’m totally the inspiration behind this giveaway. My all time favorite show is Charmed so much so, that I’m re-watching all the seasons for the like third time, I think. I don’t read yet I love Harry Potter because of all the magical wonders. Heck, I’m so obsessed with anything Charmed, I created my own personal Book of Shadows and also made some fake potions and tried to vanquish invisible demons (if you know what I mean). Also, I have a spell book. I am also rooting for a Charmed movie right now. I’m practically a Halliwel. You know picking anyone else is a serious Wicca mistake!
    ‘Be it far, be it near, let the Gift of La Magie be here!’
    P.S. I can’t afford the pendant on my own.

  7. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I would love to win this because i am totally crazy & obsessed when it comes to gypsy/ boho jewellery! and i love everything about this giveaway the crystals, gypsy necklace, message in a bottle & the rustic wooden tray.. its like as if you have crafted all my favorite things together..

  8. This is just the cutest charm necklace I’ve seen…. <3 and I bet the other goodies are super lusty-worthy as well!
    Although, I'm not big on magic, witch craft and love potions…I would cherish a lil bit of lucky winning if it was coming my way (especially from a dear friend) ;)

  9. Well, firstly i LOVE the Gypsy Necklace!! you have some serious skill and should totally pursue it!.. and secondly i’m thrilled by the possibility of actually winning something!!(*ohh..please let it be mee!*) :))
    And just to list some of my favorite shows of all time would be: Buffy the vampire slayer, charmed-of course and Supernatural!
    Practically grown up watching these shows

    1. Hello Ro, please let me win this. I’ll help you choose though, I have listed down a few valid points. Reason one: I love you (please please melt). Reason 2: I loved the ‘Charmed’ and the ‘Supernatural’ series that we were both hooked on to. Reason 3: I’ve always loved your jewellery but never had a chance to win any of it in your awesome giveaways. Reason 4: I also need a whole lot of extra special magic in my life right now because the universe has been a little too nasty to me these past few days. Reason 5: Hello, best friend? :-)

  10. *Why would I want to win this? Well I have a good five*
    1. A little bit of magic in this unmagical world would hurt no one!
    2. I’d be one of the first ones to possess something from Rosecraft (a-soon-to-be-the-shiz brand!)
    3. I loveeeeeee messages in a bottle! Can’t wait to read what’s in this!
    4. I am also going to answer the optional bit of the giveaway.
    5. How did you discover Dadar again?
    *Favourite supernatural show*
    Game of Thrones. Well, while the show isn’t exactly and completely supernatural, had you seen the end of S04e08, you would have certainly thought otherwise. Only those with seriously supernatural powers, can attain what that beast did at the end of the episode :( And let’s not forget the (spoiler alert!!!) dragons! Which natural world possesses those now.
    Like your Facebook page? Check.
    Follow you on Twitter? Check. Check. (heck, had to recover my Twitter page to do that. Now that’s something :)

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