The Messenger

187 The Messenger

I’m not one for changes but every once in while, stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing. Especially for the meek ones (like me)! Okay, so I’m honestly not talking about anything life-changing over here nor am I about to drop some major pearls of wisdom – all I mean is, this is the first time, I’m trying something slightly different (on the blog). Whatever do I mean? Well, you’ll see. This isn’t really a copycat series. A lot of bloggers do this, and I think it is especially fun to know what one’s carrying in their bag/purse/satchel/tote on an everyday basis… Or for special occasions. It’s just a nosey type of thing, a bit curiosity-induced, it’s really fun to know, okay?

I took these pictures when I was in The Kingdom (in April of this year) but hadn’t put them up then because I wasn’t confident that these pictures were ah-mazing or my best work or whatever… I know, I know. I took a good, hard look at them again, and decided I could salvage one – my composite pictures are something I need to work on,  but what do you think of this one? Too grainy? Okay-ish? Should I shut up already about it? Okay. Okay! OK.

What’s in My Bag?

 1. A pair of keys to my house, d-uh! 

2. A petite envelope of my business cards. (They’re my talisman!)

3. Fake spectacle frames. (Come in handy, when I want to look sooper, extra geeky than I already probably do.)

4. Red lipstick: This one’s my third purchase in the red lipstick department. Certainly, one of the best! Continuous Cranberry (060) by Maybelline, it’s part of their Super Stay 14 HR Lipstick range. Deep, bold and very haute! (Rs. 525)

5. Kiehl’s # 1 Lip Balm: It’s pretty # 1 in my opinion! This was part of the goodie bag Kiehl’s gave me in return for hosting a “Friends and Family” thingie at their Malad store, early in April. Thanks guys! I love this one (it’s actually more of an oil than a balm but it’s really, really good. In fact, it does this hot+nude thing to your lips kind of like the trick Jennifer Lopez pulled off in the cover shoot for her second album, J. Lo (Do you remember?).

6. SAMMY! (Trusted cell phone, virtual journal, friend, et cetera, et cetera. I love you, man!)

7. The Clear Glow B.B Stick by Maybelline in 04 Fawn. (Trying to finish it soon, so I can buy another one! Extremely awesome, this.)

8. Borders on eighties-childish but this wallet+purse from Happy House is very ME.

9. Chubby Stick by Clinique (in 15 Pudgy Peony): One of the coolest balm stains I’ve owned; it’s verrrry nice! But it’s not something I need to keep repurchasing. This one came inside a little goodie bag after attending an event at the Palladium Mall store. 

10. Sony earphones: So sue me, because I bought them solely based on the colour factor. Fast-forward to more than a week later, and I dunk them (it was a klutzy mistake, d-uh!) in an oil-based candle light (the time when I first met Sreesha – the Lune girl). Crappity crap happenings after that, and it wasn’t the awesome-st pair to begin with. But yeah!

P.S. Watermelon salads are a sultry summer’s best friend, mais non? Especially of the feta cheese variety. I forgot to say – my little messenger purse (Rs. 999)  is from DONE by NONE; I bought it last year, I think (I forget!). I like to carry perfume and a notebook, sometimes, too when space permits me to. Just in case, you were wondering! Ooh, and my next post is mostly definitely about a little “giveaway” – it’s one that I’ve contemplated over for some time now. Don’t forget to enter, okay? Thanks, then.


Artwork & Picture by Roanna Fernandes


7 thoughts on “The Messenger

  1. I don’t think I could do a “whats in your bag” post because I have so much crap in there, even I don’t want to know :D But I surely love reading them. Your composition pic is fun! Don’t worry! (as long as you won’t post products lying around on a fake bear rug, you’re ok I think ;) )

    1. Thank you, Caro! :-) Would actually love to see what’s stashed in yours, contrary to what you might think, that’s the fun part of it all and as a girl, I find myself terribly curious! Do share a picture/post, if you feel up to it. I think you’re super nice for reading all of my posts! Sorry, I suck at keeping up. But I quit my job so I’m going to be reading all the good blogs I’ve missed out on. Expect a flurry of comments!

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