Got Milk?

185 Got Milk

Because randomness runs in the family, I wish I could say. I can’t, though… Because it’s just me! I’ve got random running through my veins, building up my bones! I don’t even make sense, half of the time. This is a very short post, consequential of nothing whatsoever. Ooh, just that I found this really beautiful, cursive typeface and had to use it… SOMEWHERE. Milk? It’s one of the few words that I thought looked especially nice when written/typed in this font, I made some smooth edits to it (can I say that?) in order to make it look more retro American housewife than usual. Added the creamy white and sky blue in the background, for more visual appeal.

P.S. Dad used to make me drink milk all the time, when I was younger! Right up, until I was in the twelfth grade. Twice a day! Milk. Not a big fan of the plain variety, but I do love the vanilla kind. Ooh, chocolate too. Slurp! Drink up, kids, milk’s good for you. (Do you think those bottles of milk produced at farms are cute? Even the paper carton type – I think I’m going to draw those, next!)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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