The Enchanted Typewriter

181 The Enchanted Typewriter

Do you like reading these posts? Do they help you discover typefaces you’ve never heard of, before? I’m thinking if I should do two more posts like these, and then discontinue the series thereafter. So… Yes, do tell me! How are you? I’ve been in a bit of a mess, in my head, generally. And I’m trying to make decisions, but I suck at those. I thought I would evade all this overall bad energy for a bit, and write here, instead. :-)

Ooh, and if you’re wondering… What’s with the post’s title? Um, so I’ve been watching a lot of Charmed lately. Racile (she’s my little sister) got me hooked on to the series when I was in The Kingdom for a mini-Easter break (the past two weeks). There’s a giveaway to watch out for, that’s somewhat related to my mentioning of the Charmed series so yes, if you’re into that kind of thing – you must keep reading! I’ll be posting about it, much sooner than you think. Okay, bye now, and yes, I hope you like the ones I’ve picked out for The Typeface Series, this week.

F L O W E R Y:

Drop Your Anchor by Jeremy Dixon

Foxes in Love by Misti’s Fonts

Masana Script by Mario Arturo

Young & Beautiful by Misti’s Fonts

M E D I E V A L:

Chancery Cursive by Digital Graphic Labs

Germania by Dieter Steffmann


Mickey’s College by Imagex

T E N D R E:

Castro Script by Måns Grebäck

End of the Dream by Misti’s Fonts

Little Days Alt by Westwind Fonts

Little Days by Westwind Fonts


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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