House of Parvati

178 House of Parvati

When it comes to odd and rustic finds (apart from my classic favourite – a word we call ‘vintage’), they have always held a special place in my heart. There’s just something magical about such places, they instantly draw you in with their collection of antiques, or perhaps their unspoken stories, and yes, it’s very much also when the owner is just as charming and passionate about the little store they take care of. As soon as I heard about Parvati Villa, I felt no different! The very moment I read about it last year, I made it my mission to hunt the store down and take pictures of everything. That didn’t happen in time, I broke my leg in between – and so I was finally able to visit the store, early this year.

Set further down the Colaba Causeway line and somewhere next to the Parsi Colony area, you’ll see this door. A door that opens to the most unusual finds! While I did take a lot of pictures at the store, and I mean, a lot – I still haven’t edited all of them and I hope to use them across my future posts or in a Facebook album – so watch out for that! For now, I hope my words are vivid enough to paint you picture. (I promise this won’t be long!)

Founded by Ileshaa Khatau (btw, she’s younger than me), Parvati Villa plays host to unheard of brands so you will be pleasantly surprised. There were one or two labels I had already heard of like Cirare by Akanksha Redhu and Niana by Leena Labroo. But the rest – ah, the rest – the merchandise comprises old perfume bottles (some vintage Chanel, too), beauty boxes, fashion accessories – like leather handbags and silk scarves, smoking slippers (there was a lovely pair of carmine red ones), scented candles (including a lotion candle; basically, you light the candle and can pour the wax on to your skin to use as a moisturizer – oh yes!) and some other odd objects for the home (think Mughalesque + ethnic). It’s a small store but in its own way, also huge – since it only recently opened, I expect to see a lot more cool labels and objects in the coming months.

P.S. Let me know if you visit the shop, and do tell me what you like about Parvati Villa – I would LOVE to know! Another thing, I love the name – I think that just says it all. The trishula (a three-headed spear) motif everywhere is very symbolic too – including on the door handle, and emblazoned over Ileshaa’s business cards. I love that!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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